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Insert the Windows OS CD original and then reboot your machine ... after you will see a message "press any key to boot from CD" .. do that. Then if U have Windows 2000 Pro CD or XP Pro CD or XP CD whatever, it will install all the necessary OS files and related drivers into Memory and then will try to dedect the INSTALLED/ CURRENT version of Windows OS on your system / on C: drive. Then you can decide whether to REPAIR or INSTALL the Windows OS again. So choose REPAIR option and then it will ask u for the Administrator's Password if SET for C: ... just enter password if you have set up earlier other wise just hit [enter] Windows OS will get the necessary missing or currupted file(s) from CD drive and then will tell you to reboot again. Then remove Windows CD from drive and then reboot ... Now If things are normal then your machine will BOOT UP normally and will run. If U have problems even after repairing your windows ... please observe the problem what happens after what and write down and come back and ask the problem again ... We will try to work something out again ..... till then GOOD LUCK :))

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โˆ™ 2006-02-27 21:34:49
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Q: What do you need to do if you get this error message File is missing or corrupt windows rootsystem32haldll?
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How do you fix a registry is corrupt message in windows 2000?

My best bet is to reload the operating system, or go with windows 7

What should you do if you receive a message stating the following file is missing or corrupt windows system32 config system?

You need to repair or reinstall the operating system. Also it depends on file which is missing. Some are files are not important as others. Missing system files might indicate that you have a virus/trojan/malware on your computer.

Are there any programs which allow you to do corrupt data recovery on a Windows 7 computer?

Yes, there are programs that allow you to do corrupt data recovery on a Windows 7 computer. You can visit for more information

What is windows regestiry coruppted?

Windows uses the registry to read all its settings. Most of these settings are wrote in binary form. If the registry is corrupt you need to re-install the program that is showing you the message that it is corrupt. If you can't turn on your computer because it says corrupt, you need to re-install windows

How do you get back into windows xp when you get a error message that files are corrupt?

Restore the system from your latest backup or install the operating system from source using the repair mode.

What does missing or invalid INI entry mean?

INI files are typically used by windows to define process properties. If you are getting a message, one ishgfdtgfhvthbgnb

Windows restarting unexpectedly with error message procedure entry point setthreadprkority could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel32dll what should you do please?

An error message regarding a procedure entry point generally indicates that the computer is missing a Windows starter pack. The proper service pack should be installed on the machine.

What does oxcood1199 mean in it?

That is an Error code for the Windows Media Player application. It likely has to do with file incompatibility or missing codecs. Try Googling the error message for possible resolutions to the problem.

How does one know if their hard drive is dead?

Typically when your hard drive is dead on Microsoft Windows the computer will fail to boot and an error message will pop up on screen stating that the hard drive was not found or is corrupt.

Your HP laptop works in safe mode?

Probably a corrupt windows file. Rescue data and re-install windows.

When you are doing custom installation of windows 7 professional on windows XP it is giving error saying that some files are missing or are corrupted what to do now?

How are you doing this installation? A disc? Please leave a message on my board with more details, and I may be able to help you with this.

What is the NTLDR file and why is it corrupt?

On Windows NT-based operating systems such as Windows XP, NTLDR is the file that is launched by the boot sector and is what loads the NT kernel. It can become corrupt for a number of reasons. For instance, this could be a sign that your hard drive is about to fail. When a hard drive is about to crash, it will sometimes boot into Windows while other times it will complain about corrupt files. It could also become corrupt because of a virus, bumping the PC, or maybe a bad shutdown of the PC.

What is the message structure in windows programming?


How can you get Windows to start when you keep getting a BOOT MGR missing message when you try to start your desktop computer?

You will need the start up disk that comes with Windows program. It will be the disk with a code on the back of the packaging. Place the disc in the drive and then re-boot your device.

When someone gets the message 'Windows installer error' what does it mean?

Windows installer error is a message that one might receive when attempting to make an install on a Windows computer. There are various errors that are covered with this message and it is usually accompanied by a number to assist in identifying the specific error.

How do you get back missing files in windows update?

You have to use windows restore cd, to repair such files.

A missing or undersized lintel can put pressure on the?


How do you stop your computer from displaying this message - 'This copy of Windows did not pass Windows validation'?

Buy a licenced copy of Windows and install it.

What do you do if you accidentally wiped your hard drive and when you try to reinstall Windows XP it says some files may be corrupt and will not copy?

If it says "Some file maybe corrupt" then the problem is in your Windows CD. You need a new one Format you hard disk completely once. Then try reinstaling Windows XP. This will resolve the problem.

What will happen if NTLDR is missing when windows xp is booted?

Normally, the computer will not boot. And you will have to reinstall Windows XP.

How can you update your windows missing file without windows setup again?

dont use this sit you doushbags

What would be the result of having a corrupt master boot record?

The boot record will not boot anymore or more precisely the message "NTLDR is missing" will be displayed. To remedy this situation boot with a copy of windows and use the "Recovery Console" in the boot menu and at the command prompt type the following: fixmbr and hit enter. Although there is a risk, there isin't much else you can do.

Why might you not be able to open an exisitng Windows Movie Maker Project in Windows Movie Maker version 2.1.4026?

Anything from being a glitch in the program, to corrupt/deleted/missing media, not saving properly or a need for Automatic updating of the WMM software can prevent you from opening an existing project.And that goes for all versions of WMM.

Can not install windows vista boot mgr is missing how can I fix that?

You can find here all required information

How do you recover a missing system file in Windows Vista?