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What do you need to do to make your 1979 LeBaron station wagon 3184bl police car equipped?


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2004-10-08 08:07:12
2004-10-08 08:07:12

Can't say that I picture a LeBaron wagon as a police car, but hey- small towns have limited budgets. The 'typical' cruiser is a Ford Crown Victoria, because it's built to stand up to stressful service. The usual 'Cop package' consists of: -Heavy duty brakes and suspension -A 'muscle' engine, such as the Ford 250 ci, with overdrive (Gets about 9mpg in-town) -A driver-side hand operated spot light -A 'kill' switch for the fuel pump, located in the trunk -An emergency escape trunk latch release -Supplemental wiring(blue light bar, siren, etc) There's also a 'pursuit' package, consisting of a super-stock engine, wrap-around tubular steel front bumper and front end reinforcement- just the thing for punching those fleeing felons off the road. The most important component of any 'specialty' package is the driver. Most law enforcement types are exposed to pursuit/evasive driving courses, which teach you how to not only properly use the special toys, but get the most out of any vehicle you drive.


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