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== == 1 You should always bring lots of bottled water. If you have very small children, you might consider bringing cans of formula -- if you used the powdered kind, be sure you don't forget to mix it with the bottled water. Use the bottled water for anything and everything...even brushing your teeth and rinsing your toothbrushes. DO NOT drink any water unless it comes from a sealed bottle. And try to stick with brands you are familiar with. Better to spend a bit more on Evian than end up with dysentery or whatever. 2 Antibacterial wipes or hand cleaner are very useful. Purell is a good brand of hand cleaner and comes in different sized bottles from large family sizes to mini bottles that fit nicely in a purse or pocket. And Johnson & Johnson makes antibacterial towelettes that are handy and gentle on the skin. 3 You should also probably bring medication for diarrhea. Both adult and children's strength formulas. 4 It wouldn't hurt to make sure immunizations and vaccinations are up to date for the children and for yourself. It might also be a good idea to bring a copy of your child's medical records - including immunization record, info about existing Allergies or conditions, etc. Sure, this may sound a little 'over the top' but personally, I'd rather be prepared for any emergency. Heck, while you are at it include a recent photo of your child and a set of fingerprints. Not just for a trip to Mexico! A small packet with this info in it doesn't take up much room, just stick it in the glove compartment so you'll always have it with you. Just don't forget to update it often. 5 And you will need either a passport OR a birth certificate for every member of your party. At least, this was sufficient the last time I checked...but it's been a while. Things change. To be sure ask a travel agent or maybe check the INS/CIS website. They are bound to have the necessary info on what will be required to make a border crossing. UPDATE: A passport is needed to re-enter the US from Mexico.

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Q: What do you need to drive from Texas to Mexico especially for children?
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