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Foods do not help you grow taller, being tall comes from genes and who you inherited them off, if your dads side of the family was tall and you inherited his genes, chances are you will be tall.

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Q: What do you need to eat to grow taller?
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Related questions

What do you need to eat or drink to get taller?

You can get the best foods to eat to get taller here ://

Do people who eat more grow taller?

No people who eat more do NOT grow taller. People grow taller when they sleep more. We have hormones in our body which work when every other hormone's is asleep, so this means that we grow taller when we go to sleep.

Can eating apples help you grow taller?

No, you need a lot more nutrition than apples to help you grow, eat a variety of other healthy foods.

How do you grow taller in 2 weeks?


How do you grow taller quicker?

Eat, sleep, exercise

What food helps you grow taller?

you need to drink milk and eat proteiien and lots of fruit you could eat ribs and stake ect you need to eat chocolate and stuff but not too much. you need to eat eggs but all this wont make u taller much but if u do the right excersises you will get altleast 2 inch hope it helped xx and also eat beans and corn

How can you grow taller you are ten?

I am ten years old. I am 1,3m tall but need to be taller. How?

Is there a possible way to grow taller at 16 if you are already taller than your parents?

Eat well and sleep a lot. You need to do things naturally; otherwise, you could damage your health. You are still a child and you need to consult with a qualified physician if you have any concerns.

How can a 10 year old grow taller?

10 year olds are limited by heredity in how high they can grow. Still, research from Japan shows there are some things they can do. After World War 2, Japanese children started eating hamburgers instead of just starches. As a result, they grew much taller than their parents. We know from the Japanese children that if Children will eat meat and vegetables, they will grow taller than if they eat a diet of starches and sweets. Exercise also helps. Bones need exercise to grow. Bones only grow while you are asleep, so get all the sleep you need. It seems simple and it is.

What are some ways to grow taller?

drink milk it makes your bones stronger and makes you taller or eat yogurt

What should one eat to grow tall and big?

lots of protein and fruits and veggies is what you need to eat. plus drinking lots of milk make you grow taller. plus working out can help. lifting weights too. just eat healthy and stay in shape!

What nutrients does your body need to grow taller?

Protein and calcium are essential for growing. Milk has both of these, that's why they say you need to drink milk to grow. Getting rest and eating healthy is the best way to grow taller.

Is there anything to help a teenage girl grow taller and thin?

yes! what you need to do is eat lots a healty foods and also keep your self fit

How do you grow taller after your period?

How do you grow taller? You grow taller by a special combination of diet and exercise. It's easy and anyone can easily do it. First of all, you need to consume enough proteins and less carbohydrates. That's actually the reason Asian people are short - they eat primarily carbohydrates in the form of rice, and other beans. Combining that with stretching exercises will make it even more useful.

How can you become taller?

well there is physically no way to become taller but if you drink milk and eat healthy maybe your body will develope stronger and you will grow. but depending on your age you still have time to grow.

Why does Alice grow taller when she eats the cake marked eat me?

it must of had some made up potion that would make her grow taller. but it really isn't possible to actually have that seeing food doesn't make you grow.

Can pudding make you taller?

Yes, pudding can make you taller. I am not sure how and why, but I heard it and looked it up and yes, it makes you taller. Also I had some and I grew, like an inch taller. So if you want to grow taller, eat pudding! :)

How much exercise like push ups and hanging do you need every day to grow taller?

Believe it or not, any form of exercise that you may do will not make you grow taller. Your height for when you are finished growing is predetermined, but can be changed slightly. Certain exercises will not make you grow taller.

What does the cake marked 'eat me' do to Alice in Wonderland?

The cake, marked with the words "EAT ME," causes Alice to grow taller.

Can you increase your lung capacity?

Yes, you can increase your lung capacity when you grow. When your grow you need more air, so your lungs grow with you. The taller you grow the more air you need!

Do plants need oxygen to grow taller?

yea but they need the carbon more ,thats why plants need water to grow H2O. hydrogen and oxigen

How can you can not grow taller?

To simplify your question, I think you meant "How can you not grow taller?" And yes I got the answer, to not grow taller, you're need to put a bit of weight, not much exercising going on and lastly having less sleeping like 6 hours of course. So ya but growing taller has many benefits to you, just sayin

What to do or eat to grow taller?

Tzatziki SAUCE

How do you grow taller if you are 4'9 and are 13 years old?

eat ur vegatbles and masturbate

How many cup of milk does we need a day to grow taller?