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What do you need to major in if you want to become a pediatrician?

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There are several options. The most popular tend to be pre-medicine, or pre-professional medicine, which most universities offer. Other options include, but are not limited to, Biology, chemistry, biochemistry, etc. ! Contact your local community college and they'll help you.

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What should your major be if you want to become a pediatrician?


What degrees do you need to become a pediacia?

If you want to become a pediatrician, you need to have a medical degree. You also need to have completed your residency.

Can you attend Spelman College to become a pediatrician?

I want to know, what college classes are required at spelaman college to become a pediatrician

How long is school if you want to become a pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician it takes a minimum of 11 years after the completion of high school.

What should you major in if you want to become a pediatrician?

You should study in Biology. Or ask the person that asks you when you get to college what should pediatricians study in.

Is microbiology a good thing to major in if you want to be a pediatrician?


What schools can you go to if you want to become a pediatrician?

Clara barton

Do you need to get good grades in science if you want to become a pediatrician?

Yes. Science is one of the main areas of medicine and you do need to get good grades in this area.

What classes should you take if you want to become a pediatrician?

Medical school.

What is the required living location that a pediatrician need to live?

What state will I make the most if I want to becaome a pediatrician?

What maths are needed to become a pediatrician?

i want to be a pediatrician too. i think accounts and ecconomics are most unnessesary. i believe major mathes, for the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are nessesary. the thing about it is that we need to change temperatures etc. we need maths, but if you do maths till about grade 10 the rest of your focus should be on biology, chemistry ect. not nerssesarily maths.

What do you need to major in to become an ambassador?

I want to be an ambassador because it is my dream.

Should you get a medical or an osteopathic degree if you want to become a Pediatrician and an Obstetrician?

It doesn't matter if you attend an allopathic or osteopathic medical school. Both can become pediatricians and obstetricians. But if you want to become both, you would need to complete two residency programs.

Do you have to learn spanish to become a pediatrician?

Only if you want to treat Spanish speaking patients.

I want to become an author what should i major in?

Become an English Major.

To be a pediatrician what type of training do you need if you don't attend college?

You have to go to 4 years of college, plus medical school school, plus internship to become a pediatrician. If you want to help in a pediatrician's office, you can train pretty quickly to become a Medical Assistant (less than 4 years college to train).

How long does it take you become a pediatrician in Princeton University?

To become a pediatrician you must complete Medical School. Princeton University does not have a Medical School. If you intend to be a pediatrician and want to attend Princeton, you would take a Bachelor's degree as a Pre-Med student and then apply to a Medical School, eventually specializing in Pediatrics.

What kind of health and life insurance can you get for being a pediatrician?

Pretty much whatever you want or need.

Will you be required to work overtime as an pediatrician?

maybe if you want to it depends what type of pediatrician you are

What is a good college to attend if you want to become a pediatrician?

University of Illinois at Chicago University of Iowa University of Southern California

How long is college if you want to be a pediatrician?

It typically takes 11 years to become a pediatrician after high school: 4 years of College 4 years of Medical School 3 years of Pediatric Residency

What high school classes are need to become a pediatrician?

There are no particular classes in high school that are required to become a pediatrician, so you can take just about whatever you want. The main thing would be to do well enough to get into medical school. If you really wanted to take courses that would make learning what you need to learn in college easier, I would suggest math and science courses. You will have to take a bunch of these in college and they help you to think analytically.

Why would someone want to be a pediatrician?

What classes should you take your first year of college if you want to become a pediatrician?

My best advice to you would be to major in Biology, and take psychology and complete med school. other wise I don't know. hope i could help.

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