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Spark plugs & wires, ignition rotor & distributor cap,air filter and for all there worth I usually replace the oxygen sensor at the same time.

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โˆ™ 2005-12-05 18:13:01
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Q: What do you need to tune up a Ford Econoline E150?
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Why is my 2002 Ford Taurus sputtering?

Could be in need of a tune up.

Why is your 91 e150 302 to overheat and lose power uphill?

It could possibly be due to an issue with the cooling system or it could be the case that you need a major tune up.

1997 e150 conversion van won't start on cold morning?

Check your cold cranking amp from battery. May need a larger battery with more amps. Also you need a tune up

Does the timing need to be set when doing a tune up on a 1992 ford explorer?

No , computer controlled

Why is my ford escort using a lot of fuel?

Could be dirty fuel filter or you need a tune up?

What makes a 2003 ford focus idle wrong?

Either you need a tune-up, or your injectors are dirty.

What parts are needed to tune up a 1988 Ford Taurus?

What are the parts for a standard tune up for a 1988 Ford Taurus?

How do you set the clock in a 1994 ford econoline i just bought and no mamuel in it?

Worked for me was to hold the clock button (clk) and while holding that use another hand to adjust the time, seek adjusts the hour and tune adjusts the minutes.

Is there a need for reseting time when doing a tune up on a 1999 ford explorer v6?

No, it's computer controlled.

What does it cost for a tune up on a 2010 Ford Escape?

Need to know what engine you have and the mileage. More info please.

Can you use Ford Focus supercharged ztec engine in a Ford zx2?

as far as using the supercharged focus head, im not too sure. but the turbo charged head, yes, it is the same thing, just built for boost. im not sure if the 2 heads are different for turbo to supercharger. but i would say use the turbo focus svt head and TUNE IT, TUNE IT, TUNE IT. then after you tune it, tune it some more. P.S. did i mention you need to tune it?

What does a tune up cost?

A tune-up for a 2000 Ford Taurus is anywhere from $175, to $230

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