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What do you put in a contract to sell an above ground pool and deck from your yard?


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2006-09-16 00:14:11
2006-09-16 00:14:11

Should be simple enough. The price and everything included of course. I think I'd add an "this pool and all equipment is sold as is with no warranty intended or implied" statement so they can't try to come back and make you buy them a new liner or something.


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An above-ground pool can be a great choice for many homeowners and their families. When installing a raised deck for an above-ground pool, there are several important things to remember. It's essential to make sure that a raised deck can be connected to the lip of an above-ground pool. In some cases, an above-ground pool may be a separate structure from a deck. This can be a serious tripping hazard for people entering a pool.

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Perhaps you can not afford to have an in-ground pool built in your backyard. You can still cool off in the summer heat by buying an above-ground pool. Adding a wooden deck around the above-ground pool will greatly enhance the appearance of the pool. Not only will your pool and overall property look better, but a wooden deck also makes it easier to get in and out of the pool. It will cost a little more for an above ground pool with a wooden deck, but it is well worth the extra expense.

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