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What do you put on a job application if you were fired?

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If you have been fired, on a job application you simply tell the truth yet you must try to make it seem as if it was a common mistake of your part and just a devastating choice by your employee to fire you. That way you're not lying, you're simply ellaborating and putting your personal opinion to why you got fired.

2006-08-22 04:49:58
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Should you put being fired for theft on a job application form for new job?

i wouldnt ....

When asked the reason for being fired on a job application should you put 'for not working mandatory overtime'?

I wouldn't put the reason on the job application. You can save this for the interview and only if asked for the reason why.

What do you put on a job application if you were fired and you can't remember why?

If you were fired from a job, only include that information if asked specifically on the job application. Otherwise, just include the dates that you were employed by the business or company. Employers who fire employees usually follow it up with a letter stating the reasons. If you don't remember why you were fired, see if you can locate the letter to refresh your memory.

Does it matter what address you put on a job application?

yes it does matter what address you put on a job application, the address you put on a job application is supposed to be where you reside, no where else.

How do you put a application in for a job?

go to the job and ask for an application

If you were fired from your job what should you put down in why you left?

You should put down that you were fired and state the reason for why you were fired.

Should you say that you were fired at a job on application?

no i shouldnot say that

Do you put down a job on an application that you only had for 3 months?

yes, a job is a job (but if you got fired for doing pot, or something bad, maybe it's not a very good idea then)

How do you reply to laid off or fired on job application?

Don't say "fired" when explaining why you left a job. Use something neutral, such as "better job opportunity," or "returned to school."

Another word to used for fired on a job application?

Employment was terminated. Will discuss.

What is a better way to use the word termination on a job application?

Fired or sacked

How do you answer Why did you leave your previous job if you were terminated due to a violation of company policy on a job application?

They are asking if you were fired due to lying on your job application for that position. They want to know what you lied about.

If you get fired what is the proper answer to put on the application?

layed off, or let go.

Can you get unemployment if you get fired because of charges you had on file 7 years ago?

That depends on the laws of the country in which you live and what you put on your job application form. Some countries legal system's say that for minor crimes where the conviction was over 5 years ago, your conviction record terminates (the rehabilitation of offenders) and you do not have to mention it on legal documents. Thus if you made a job application after 5 years you could not be fired. However, if the 5 year period had not expired and you did not mention (if asked) the conviction when applying for the job, then you would have lied on your job application form and you can (and should) be fired for doing this.

How do you list a job skill from a job that fired you?

You could list what you learned as a result of being fired, or what you learned while on the job.AnswerIf you worked there for quite some time before being fired, then list the job on your application. If it was a short while and you weren't ever comfortable there, just leave it off of the application.Now, if it was a significant piece of your work history, put it on the application, show contact as available at interview. Then, without criticizing the company, find a positive way to explain what you learned, or the skills you gained. Practice the phrasing and how you say it, so that you sound positive and confident-sometimes it is traumatic to have been fired, and you don't want to show that.

How do you answer 'Why did you leave your last job' on a application when you were fired?

You would tell the truth.

Can you put your mom as a reference on a job application?

I suppose you can, but you will not get the job.

How do you answer a question about driving under the influence on an job application?

Either you did or you didn't. If you did get a DUI and you lie on the app you could be fired from the job if you get it.

When a job application asks your reason for leaving a job and were you ever laid off what is the best way to answer?

Truthfully. To do anything else is illegal and if an employer ever discovered that you had lied on a job application, you could be fired.

What to put for salary on a job application?


What other word can you use on an application instead of fired?

you can put let go by the boss

If you resign from a job instead of being fired what can you put on a new application as reason for leaving job?

Seeking better opportunity You were not being utilized to your full potential Professional differences Personal conflict Moral/Ethical reasons

Should you put that you graduated high school on job application if you didnt?

No !!!! Lying on an application for a job can be grounds for immediate dismissal.

When filling out a job application do you have to put year graduated?


Do you put last job on application if you quit?

yes you do