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If you have been fired, on a job application you simply tell the truth yet you must try to make it seem as if it was a common mistake of your part and just a devastating choice by your employee to fire you. That way you're not lying, you're simply ellaborating and putting your personal opinion to why you got fired.

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Q: What do you put on a job application if you were fired?
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Should you put being fired for theft on a job application form for new job?

i wouldnt ....

When asked the reason for being fired on a job application should you put 'for not working mandatory overtime'?

I wouldn't put the reason on the job application. You can save this for the interview and only if asked for the reason why.

Should you say that you were fired at a job on application?

no i shouldnot say that

How do you put a application in for a job?

go to the job and ask for an application

Does it matter what address you put on a job application?

yes it does matter what address you put on a job application, the address you put on a job application is supposed to be where you reside, no where else.

What do you put on a job application if you were fired and you can't remember why?

If you were fired from a job, only include that information if asked specifically on the job application. Otherwise, just include the dates that you were employed by the business or company. Employers who fire employees usually follow it up with a letter stating the reasons. If you don't remember why you were fired, see if you can locate the letter to refresh your memory.

If you were fired from your job what should you put down in why you left?

You should put down that you were fired and state the reason for why you were fired.

Do you put down a job on an application that you only had for 3 months?

yes, a job is a job (but if you got fired for doing pot, or something bad, maybe it's not a very good idea then)

How do you answer 'Why did you leave your last job' on a application when you were fired?

You would tell the truth.

How do you reply to laid off or fired on job application?

Don't say "fired" when explaining why you left a job. Use something neutral, such as "better job opportunity," or "returned to school."

Another word to used for fired on a job application?

Employment was terminated. Will discuss.

What is a better way to use the word termination on a job application?

Fired or sacked

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