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What do you take out on the driver side to get to the plug closest to radiator so you can get your arm in so you can work on it?


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2006-08-14 22:29:17
2006-08-14 22:29:17

depends on the make/model/yaer/engine of the vehicle

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The drain plug is no the lower left hand side ( driver side ) of the radiator.

It is on the driver side lower corner of the radiator

It is on the bottom driver side of the radiator.

Number four is the cylinder closest to the driver side.Number four is the cylinder closest to the driver side.

It is on the lower driver side of the radiator.

It is the one closest to the radiator on the passenger side

on the drivers side the plug closest to the radiator is the #1 plug.

bottom corner of the radiator, engine side, usually opposite side (driver/passenger)of the lower radiator hose.

On bottom of radiator either on driver or passenger side facing engine.

Its on the bottom driver side of the radiator. Its a plastic piece with a spout that turns to open.

usually on bottom under lower radiator hose if its not on the lower radiator hose it will be located on the lower back side of the radiator. look on the driver side. its an @$$ to get to.

Check on driver or passenger side of the radiator, on the side next to the motor. Should be a small metal plug.

at the bottom of the radiator on the driver side

driver side bottom rear of radiator

drivers side of radiator on the bottom inside pointing to where driver sits

it's the first plug on the passenger side closest to the radiator.

On the bottom driver side there should be a wing nut (plug) turn it to the left

from driver seat its on lower right side of radiator,i can reach mine through then grill

underneath the car on the driver side kinda hard to get to

It should be on the passenger side of the radiator in the back (engine side) by the lower radiator hose. It is possible that it is on the driver side as well. Regardless, it will either be a white or black plastic threaded plug, or it will be a draincock which looks similar to a wing nut.

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