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What do you think about creating hybrids and using genetic engineering?

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I think is what we can make from it so on my ch 6 life science test the answer is D) creating human insulin to tray human with diabetes :)

no one person invented it i think over the years scientists took the idea from viruses who perform genetic engineering naturally but no one person invented it

DEATH! AND PUPPIES! i just think puppies are cute. :)

genetic engineering, i think there are so many potential dangerous.

For genetic engineering:Genetic engineering can stop diseases like hemophilia or colorblindness that are genetic. It can also remove genes that predispose you to (make you more likely to get) cancer. In agriculture, you can create plants that grow quickly and produce healthy food so that impoverished farmers can grow enough to survive. The claims that genetic engineering is dangerous are unfounded. There has never been a case of any problems from genetic engineering that I can think of. Against genetic engineering:Genetic engineering should not be performed on fetuses or embryos, it should only be performed on animals. It is a violation of human rights and if it is performed on an unborn child then that is also a violation. Genetic engineering can be dangerous, too, because genetically modified organisms might be able to spread to other places and take over the ecology.

Yes i do because without limitations on genetic engineering there would be too much to think about.

Yes!! Genetic engineering is defined as the direct manipulation of an organism's genes. Though I do believe there should be some limitations on what we do with genetic engineering, it can cure so many genetic disorders and illnesses. Keep in mind that nearly EVERY human disorder has an underlying genetic cause. For instance, people with Sick Cell Anemia have a point mutation in the gene that codes for hemoglobin. This mutation results in abnormal function of the hemoglobin in their blood cells, which causes the cells to turn sickle shaped when they are deoxygenated. It shortens life expectancy to mid 40s, and can cause very painful and potentially lethal complications. However, with genetic engineering we could insert a functioning copy of the gene into a patient's bone marrow cells, and they would be able to produce normal blood cells. In a few months after all their defective sickle blood cells died off, they would be free of the disease. However, I think use of genetic engineering to change a human's appearance, intelligence, or behavior is too much.

Buddhists have mixed responses to the issue of genetic engineering. Some see it as tampering with nature and going against the natural order of things. However, there is also a strong belief in Buddhism that it is the intentions behind actions that are important: if the intention is honest and good, it might make the actions acceptable.

If you think you have a large genetic mutation, consult your doctor.

Some countries have not allowed genetic engineering on their exported goods, so depending on where you get it, it wont be engineered. Some people think engineering could be harmful, and some foods cannot sucessfully be engineered.

I don't think inflammation is genetic.

i think mechanical engineering is best because

genetic engineering can increase genetic diversity of species of populations, esp. those that inhabit. (domesticated animals)increase efficiency of ecosystem services by other organisms:EX. MODIFICATION OF TREES' GENES CAN INCREASE ROOT SYSTEMS OF ORGANISMS AND REDUCE DAMAGE BY FLOOD PHENOMENON THROUGH FLOOD MITIGATION.modification of DNA structure of agricultural crops can increase growth rates & resistance to different diseases caused by pathogens and parasites, and can increase production of food sources to host the world's growing populations and reduce the usage of chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides, which can decrease the risk of inbreeding which can produce infertile youths.BASICLY, I THINK GENETIC ENGINEERING IS QUITE BENEFICIAL! :) GUESS WHO I AM! :)AnswerIf you are looking for a good answer, look for a scientist who works with it. DO NOT look through websites. people have misleading information saying anti-genetic engineering things that contradict everything that is the truth. I am fully pro-genetic engineering and I know my stuff. People who make hate-sites do not have a clue so be careful.

i think electronics engineering is best in pakistan

Why don't you think by yourself? I don't know too.

Hybrids are more enviromental healthy....I think.

Recombination Restriction enzymes Polymerase chain reaction Genetic engineering by the use of vectors cant think of the 5th one. sorry.

Scientists think it is valuable to link genetic codes with medical histories for diagnosis and management of genetic disorders.

From a career & job point of view, I think biomedical engineering has an upperhand compared to chemical engineering.

some hybrids are more workish then their parents think of it as a hybrid cow and goat(dont know if exist)the hybrid produce more milk and doesnt eat as much as a goat

I think this might be called chromosomal rearrangement, and this caused genetic variation in individuals, because a new segment of DNA is being inserted into a random spot on the chromosome, creating a new genetic sequence in that area. Its Translocation.

I don't think so but he does act in summer land with jesse mccartney

Genetic science has allowed us to think in scientific terms about heredity and its relationship to environment.

i think our nucleus will be affected.cause it contains genetic information you have genetic defects

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