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It means 'Someone has been using an online translator for Latin'

It's an attempt to translate to Latin using an online translator. They mangle Latin horribly. Whoever did this should have had a clue when 'forever' showed up in the so-called 'Latin.'

Having some experience with 'translatorese,' what was put it was: 'My love is yours forever.' The Latin is meaningless.

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Q: What does 'meus diligo est vestri forever' mean?
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What does meus pectus pectoris est forever vestri mean?

My Heart is forever your

What does exspecto pro meus diligo mean?

For my love, I look for the

What is the latin transalation for my knowledge is yours?

meus scientia est vestri

How do you say our love is forever in latin?

You can look it up on many translation sites online. Such as I typed it in and looked it up. I got "ego diligo vos iam tunc quod forever Mos vos matrimonium mihi?" :)

How would you say in Latin You are my best friend my love my life?

Tu es amor meus is a Latin equivalent of 'You are my love'. It's pronounced 'too eh-sah-MOHR MEH-oos'.In the word by word translation, the subject pronoun 'tu'means 'you'. The verb 'es' means '[you] are'. The masculine noun 'amor' means 'love'. The masculine possessive 'meus' means 'my'.

What does amicus meus mean?

"Amicus meus" means "my friend."

What does Meus hostilis hostilis est meus amicus mean?

My enemy's enemy is my friend

You ammy beloveds and your beloved is mine in latin?

Ego dilecto meo et dilectus meus mihi = I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. Song of Solomon. 6:2

How do you say forever in my heart in latin?

In Latin, "Semper in corde meo" means "Forever in my heart." An expanded version of the phrase is "In meo corde aeternaliter" meaning "You are forever in my heart."

What is 'meus' in English?

My is the English equivalent of 'meus'. The possessive adjective is in the masculine nominative singular. The feminine and neuter forms are 'mea' and 'meum', respectively. 'Meus' can mean 'my' ('Os meus filhos' = 'My sons' or 'My kids'), or it can also mean 'mine' (Estes sapatos são meus' = 'These shoes are mine'), it always depends on how you use the adjective. My = meu, masculine nominative singular. My = minha, feminine nominative singular. My = meus, masculine nominative plural. My = minhas, feminine nominative plural.

What does meus sol es mean?

In Catalan, that means my sun.

My friends in Portuguese?

Meus amigos Meus amigos