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What does 'epistemology' mean?

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According to PBS, epistemology is the study of theories of knowledge or ways of knowing, particularly in the context of the limits or validity of the various ways of knowing.

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What are the principal issues in epistemology?

Epistemology is the science about how we gather knowledge

What is the meaning of 'epistemology'?

It is to do with the theory of knowledge, to know how to or understand

Where can one learn more about epistemology?

Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge itself. Epistemology can be studied at universities or in books that are devoted to this subject.

What is the difference between ontology and epistemology?

ontology is what you can know epistemology is how you can know it

How many pages does Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology have?

Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology has 164 pages.

What is the meaning of dual epistemology?

just briefly, epistemology is the study of knowledge (knowing) and justified beliefs.

General definition on the word epistemology?

Epistemology is the philosophy of the mind. It deals with questions such as "what is knowledge?", "what can we know?", or "how do we learn?".

What is ontology and epistemology and is there a relationship between them?

Ontology is a metaphysical look at our being. Epistemology tries to expose the difference between opinions and proven thoughts. The use of epistemology helps to determine conclusions from ontology.

Does existentialism have epistemology?

Existentialist epistemology is, like most existentialism, based on personal choice - i.e. a choice to believe.

What is epistemology contribution to education?


Who coin the word epistemology?


What is the epistemology and ontology of feminism?

Breaking Out Again: Feminist Ontology and Epistemology is a book by Liz Stanley and Sue Wise. It was published in 1983.

What does the epistemology means?

it means how life is annoying

What is the Science of the races of mankind called?


What does epistemology mean in Anthropology?

Epistemology, in general, is the study of knowledge; and the acquisition, storage, organization, transfer, etc of that knowledge. In anthropology this may refer to how a specific culture handled it's epistemological concerns; or perhaps it may be in reference to the way in which anthropologists themselves collect, store, and communicate their data.

What is an example of epistemology?

The most common example of epistemology is the first claim that the earth is round. When one says he knows or believes that the earth is round, he needs to have a basis to prove it.

What is the importance of epistemology to education?

The importance of epistemology to education is that is helps learners to comprehend certain theories of nature. This is a branch of philosophy and will make students grasp the scope of nature.

What has the author Adolf Reinach written?

Adolf Reinach has written: 'Samtliche Werke (Philosophia Resources Library)' 'Epistemology' 'Epistemology (Aletheia-An International Journal of Philosophy Vol. 2)'

The science of epistemology truth must be measurable and defendable?


What did john Locke mainly write about?

Epistemology and political philosophy.

What is the epistemology of demonology?

The study of demons. Example: he was a scholar in demonology.

4 main branches of philosophy?

Metaphysics Axiology Epistemology Logic

What is the relationship between epistemology and metaphysics?

philosophical and sociological foundation of education

Who are the key contributors of epistemology?

Aristotle René Descartes Immanuel Kant

What are the sub-disciplines of philosophy?