What does BIA stand for?

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Brothers in Arms (game)

Board of Immigration Appeals

Building Industry Association

Business Impact Analysis (management analysis identifying the impacts of losing company resources; commonly part of a Business Recovery Plan)

Business Improvement Area

Brick Institute of America

Border & Immigration Agency (UK, formerly Immigration and Nationality Directorate)

Brain Injury Association (USA)

Bioindustry Association (UK)

Brick Industry Association

BioIndustry Association

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada)

Bump in the API

Boating Industry Association (now NMMA)

Bezbednosno Informativna Agencija (Serbian intelligence agency)

Bristol International Airport (UK)

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis

Burned-In (MAC) Address (Cisco)

Bureau of Immigration Appeals

Broadband Internet Access

Bradley International Airport (Hartford, Connecticut)

Biospecific Interaction Analysis

Banque Internationale pour l'Afrique (French)

Broadmoor Improvement Association

Business Improvement Architects (Canada)

Bureau Issues Association (US agency)

Barbecue Industry Association

Binding Industries of America

Bureau Informatisering Amsterdam (City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Beef Improvement Association

Basic Insurance Amount (federal government employee life insurance)

Board of Indian Affairs (state of Utah)

Bomb Impact Assessment

Business Internet Analytics (Microsoft initiative)

Bastia, Corsica, France - Poretta (Airport Code)

British Insurance Association (now ABI)

Bilingual Interactive Activation Model

Bus Interface Adapter

British Irish Association

Ball Image Analyzer

Bicycle Institute of America

Bureau d'Information Aéronautique (French)

Bachelor of Industrial Administration

Book Income Adjustment (tax)

Business Intelligence Associates, Inc

Braille Institute of America, Inc.

Busqueda de Inteligencia Artificial (Spanish)

Buses International Association

Base Information Analysis

Boost, Insertion, and Abort

Born Into Ashes (band)

Broadband Internetwork Analyzer

Baccalauréat en Informatique Appliquée (Bachelor in Data Sciences)