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"that's not bad"

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Q: What does C'est pas mal mean?
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What does pas mal mean in French?

Pas mal means 'not bad' in French.

What does c'est pas mal mean in English?

That's not bad

Is the translation for Kah cest pah don't do that?

Salut. Answer: Not certain what you mean by kah. C'est pas is "This is not". Don't do that is" ne pas faire cela".

What does pas mal mean?

not bad - quite good - quite a lot

What does Pas mal tu as déjà un copain mean in English?

"Pas mal, tu as déjà un copain" means "nice, do you already have a boyfriend?"

What does pas ma mean in French?

"pas ma" in French translates to "not mine" in English.

What is cest pas vrai?

c'est pas vrai (it should be - ce n'est pas vrai) - it's not true

What is the pronunciation of pas mal?

Pah Mal. Don't pronounce the s.

What does je suis pas mal fière de moi mean in French?

'I am pretty proud of me'

Bof pas mal?

bof pas mal means so-so for expample how are you? yuo would say so-so

What is the French phrase for not wanted?

"Pas voulu", "pas accepté", "pas aimé", "mal-aimé", "indésirable".

How do you say not bad in french?

"Pas mal" is how you say "not bad" in French.