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What does GB of Ram mean?

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GB = GigaByte = 1000 MegaByte

enough said..

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What does 1gb ram mean?

1 gb ram means a ram of 1 gb

What is the difference between a GB memory and a GB RAM?

Nothing - they both mean the same thing. GB - stands for GigaByte... RAM - stands for Random Access Memory.

Can you have 5 GB ram?

Yes it is possible to have 5 GB of RAM on a computer, because I have had a computer that has had 6 GB of RAM on it.

What is bigger a megabyte or a gigabyte?

Gigabyte A Gigabyte of RAM is 1,000 Megabytes. A Megabyte of RAM is 1,000 Kilobytes. A Kilobyte of RAM is 1,000 Bytes.

Is ram and GB related?

Can be. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. gb stands for gigabytes - a measure of the bytes of storage be it in RAM or disk, or diskette, or CD. One gb is 1000000000 bytes

Can gigabyte ram on a laptop extend?

A 1 gigabyte RAM can extend by buying RAM upgrade chips, and inserting them into your computer.

What RAM do I need for win'7 Laptop?

The minimum requirement for RAM to run windows 7 is 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit).

Can you install windows 7 on xp with 512 mb ram?

nope, the baseline is 1 gb of ram for the 32 bit and 2 gb for 64 bit.its recommended to have 2-3 gb of ram for 32 bitand 4 gb of ram for 64 bit

Is 4gb of ram a lot?

4 GB is a good amount of RAM for a computer. 4 GB of RAM is recommended for top performance of your PC.

How much ram should you get for a touch screen laptop?

2 gigabytes of RAM is what you should get for a Touch screen laptop. If you only find 1 gigabyte, you can upgrade it with a 1 gigabyte RAM chip.

Is 24 GB ram good?

Yes, that is good. most new personal computers nowadays have about 5 GB ram. Anything above 6 GB of RAM Is really good the more RAM the better and faster you computer will do stuff.

Your software needs 25MB ram how much would that be in GB ram?

25 MB = .025 GBYou have plenty of RAM for the software you need to install

If you added a 1GB of Ram to your 512MB of Ram on your laptop how much memory would you have on your laptop?

512 MB = 0.5 GBHence after adding 1 GB RAM your laptop memory will be 1.5 GB.

Does RAM have limited capacity?

Yes, computer RAM has a limited capacity. Typical sizes/capacities of RAM for modern day computers (single modules) are 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB.

What is the maximum amount of RAM supported by a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard?

The Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard supports a maximum of 16 GB of RAM, using four 4 GB modules of DDR2 RAM.

What has more memory- 128 MB of RAM or 2.6 GB?

1 GB is the same as 1024 MB, so to answer your question, 2.6 GB of RAM is about 20 times the amount of RAM that 128 MB is. 2.6 GB is the larger amount.

What do you have if you have two 512MB on your PC?

I suppose that you are talking about memory or aka (RAM).if you have two 512mb sticks of RAM you have one gigabyte of RAM. The more RAM you have the faster your computer will be. So the awnser is RAM or A Gigabyte.

What does 2 GB mean?

I assume you're talking about RAM or memory on your hard disk drive. Gigabytes is the amount of storage you have currently. A Gigabyte is just a unit of size and one gigabyte is equal to 1000 megabytes.

Can a PC have 100 GB of RAM?

Yes, a PC can have 100 GB of RAM. 100 GB of RAM can make a PC very fast. However, this can be very expensive. Anyways, only special computers like supercomputers which have the capability to hold 100 GB can have that much RAM. It is mainly for governmental and highly important use. In a few places, if you request 100 GB of RAM, you have to give an important reason for that request. For a normal computer, 1 GB to 24 GB are highly recommended.

Amount of RAM recommended for most systems today is measured in?

RAM is usually measured in Megabytes but if it needs a lot (i mean a LOT) Gigabytes

Is 384 MB of RAM equal to 1 GB of RAM?

No. There are exactly 1024 Megabytes (MB) in one Gigabyte (GB)MB stands for Megabyte - not to be confused with Mb which stands for megabitGB stands for Gigabyte - not to be confused with Gb which stands for GigabitYou have roughly about a third of a GB.

Are there computers with at least 16 GB of RAM?

Yes. Many high-end servers have 64 GB of RAM or more.

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