What does Lincoln's first inaugural address mean?

I believe that Lincoln's first inaugural address was a genuine attempt by the President Elect, to give pause to those who had already assumed that his incoming administration was going to "take away" their prosperity, and their future prosperity, by removing under duress the very possession they depended upon to survive as plantation owners. Manpower. In this genre', slaves. It is evident from Mr. Lincoln's speech, that he was attempting to smooth some ruffled feathers. One can only speculate on the intelligence Mr. Lincoln must have received in regard to what the southern plantation owners were thinking, hearing, interpreting and intending. Beyond this attempt, it is clear that Mr. Lincoln was also very much so trying to clarify his position on a multitude of issues, specifically his integrity, which we can only assume had come into question by references he made to prior speeches from which he did not back away. His public comments were intended to be historical proof that he was not a lyer by trade, even though he was a politician. Mr. Lincoln outlined various "reasons" that the southern plantation owners should trust him. Even more so, was the blatant refusal to accept fear as a reason to ignore internal morality as a guiding light. The meaning behind Lincoln's first inaugural speech in plain, clear and concise. He intended to show that he knew he was a new president coming into office, that there was a obviously a lot of pre-conceived ideas about what he and his administration were going to do when they got into office, and his intention was to alleviate fears that he would subvert the Constitution of the United States and do whatever it was he deemed appropriate. Clearly as a gentleman, as a lawyer and as the President Elect, his intention was to re-assure the American public that he recognized America as a nation of laws, and that he would not withhold federal protection to one state over another out of spite, or a state's failure to comply with his wishes as a dictator might employ his powers. ((I don't know why this question was posted, or why it hasn't been addressed as of this date. I do however hope this stimulates some discussion and response. Whoever intended to get this ball rolling, I hope you will in fact be successful. Maybe my chattering will contribute to that goal. I am not a history buff, nor a Lincoln expert, so pardon my ignorance if it shows.