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The commitment to promote the general welfare of all persons, as opposed to protecting the interests of a narrow section or class of the population, encapsulates what is most unique about the United States of America--that it is the only modern nation-state republic founded on this principle.

Lyndon LaRouche has identified the principle of the general welfare as the only legitimate basis for the authority of government. A useful summary may be found, for example, in LaRouche's article, ``Will the U.S.A. keep its sovereignty?'' published in the November 19, 1999 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche emphasizes that our United States republic ``came into existence as direct heir of those anti-oligarchichal, anti-Roman, Platonic principles of natural law'' which were first affirmed in the founding of the first nation-state republics during the late 15th Century: France under Louis XI, and England under Henry VII. LaRouche describes the source of this law as ``a combination of the Classical Greek, republican heritage, with those doctrines, respecting the universal notion of human individuality, which were promulgated by Jesus Christ and his Apostles, notably the Epistles of the Apostle Paul.''

Out of this, came the central principle upon which ``the authority, powers, and responsibilities of the sovereign nation-state republic were premised ... the notion of `general welfare,' or commonwealth.'

``The authority of the sovereign state lies solely in its indispensable role in promoting the general welfare of all persons, as Genesis I, and the Christian apostolic mission define all persons, as made equally in the image of the Creator of the Universe, and thus equally subjects of the obligation to promote the welfare of both the living and their posterity,''

LaRouche wrote, adding that, ``Only sovereign government has the means to promote the conditions of the general welfare respecting all of the people and all of the land-area, both for the living and future generations,'' and that thus, the existence of such sovereign nation-state republics is shown to be ``the morally required condition of mankind.''

This stands in opposition to those forms of oligarchical rule, in which the government is the private property of a ruling oligarchy, either a feudalistic, landed oligarchy, or a financier oligarchy of the sort that the British monarchy represents today. In such cases, governments exist to preserve the power and wealth of such oligarchies, and not to promote the general welfare of all citizens.

by Edward SpannausAmerican Almanac, May 15, 2000.
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Q: What does Provide For The Common Good mean in the constitution?
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What does provide for the common defense mean in the us constitution?

simply means to provide for the common needs of society.

What does 'to provide for the common defense' mean?

Its part of the Preamble? of the Constitution. basically its saying that the nation (select few representing it at least) accepts the government set out by the constitution to keep everyone safe. common defense= protection of the public

What does provide the general welfare in the constitution mean?

That phrase is not in the constitution. The exact phrase is "promote the general welfare" in the preamble (Note that the word provide is used in the context of 'provide for the common defense') It does not mean that everyone gets welfare as defined today. Within the context of the constitution, the aspects of the 'general welfare' are enumerated in Article I, section 8 - these items are the embodiment of promoting the general welfare.

What does it mean to provide for the common defense mean?

to do somthing

What does to provide common defense mean?

The preamble to the U.S. constitution includes the phrase "provide for the common defense." The preamble is a brief list of reasons and purposes for the constitution itself. The "common" in common defense means a defense that defends the United States and its people as a whole, rather than specific individuals or states. The US armed forces, groups that fight on behalf of the United States, grew out of this idea of a common defense.

What does the phrase ensure domestic tranquilty mean in the constitution?

To provide peace in the house

What does it mean to provide for the common defense?

to provide an effective militarycourse to protect all of the states

What does it mean provide for the common defense?

to provide an effective militarycourse to protect all of the states

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to give aid to all

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In the U.S. Constitution, it signifies one of the reasons that the individual states are banding together in a union: to provide an effective, unified military force to protect all of the states together (as opposed to each state fielding its own military to protect itself independently).

How can each one of us serve the common good?

i think the common good mean to propect of united state

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The "framers of the constitution" mean the people who wrote the constitution.

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