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What does SUV mean?

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a SUV is a van.

A sport utility vehicle (SUV) or off-roader is a type of passenger vehicle which combines the load-hauling and passenger-carrying capacity of a large station wagon or minivan with features designed for off-road driving. In more recent years, the term has also grown to encompass vehicles with similar size and style that are marketed as sport utility vehicles, but which do not actually incorporate substantial off-road features

2011-01-21 20:05:22
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Q: What does SUV mean?
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What do you mean by SUV?

Sport Utility Vehicle?

What do the letters SUV mean?

It means Sports Utility Vehicle.

What do you mean by SUV in the car segment?

Sport Utility Vehicle.

What do the dashboard symbols on a Chevy Trailblazer mean?

Moved from answer: i want to know what a certain symbol on the bashboard show a wrench with the SUV and some wavey lines behing the SUV.....another sign shows up as well...its the SUV within a triangle with wavey lines bechind the SUV....can you assist with this ...

What makes an SUV considered a compact SUV?

SUV is a type of big car, SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle. A compact SUV is a normal SUV but a little smaller with less cargo and passenger space.

How was science used in the creation of the SUV?

There was absolutely no science used in the creation of the SUV. On the eighth day, God said "Let there be SUV", and there was SUV.

Which is new model in mahindra SUV?

"suv 5oo" spell it as suv five double "o"

What is SUV mean in colon cancer?

standard uptake value. An indicator of how active the cells are..

Which is the worlds best SUV car?

The SUV Freestyle.

Is Ford Kuga a SUV car?

Yes, it is an SUV.

What is the biggest SUV?

the 2017 Nissan armada is the biggest suv

What is the difference in a compact SUV and a regular SUV?

There are many differences between a compact SUV and a regular SUV. The main difference that is most apparent to consumers is the difference in size and storage capabilities.

What is the difference between midsize and a full size suv?

A midsize SUv is generally smaller in ebvrything than a standard SUV. A standard SUV is better for towing than the smaller ones. Handling and drivebility is more like limo with a midsize SUV.

What does LL under body style mean on a Texas car title?

LL stands for SUV:

What does lowash mean in Jeep Liberty SUV?

How about your wiper washer fluid is low and needs to be refilled.

What does Tahoe mean in the sentence girls rockin' in your Tahoe?

They probably mean a Chevy Tahoe. It is the name of a vehicle, and specifically an SUV.

What's a crossover SUV and how is it different?

A crossover SUV is one that is a hybrid between an SUV and other types of vehicles. In reality, it's just a fancy term for a less-substantiated type of SUV.

What is a small SUV?

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. A small SUV usually has a length limit of 14 to 15 feet.

Find the Best Mileage SUV?

form_title=Find the Best Mileage SUV form_header=If you like the comfort and versatility of an SUV, look for one that gets you the best mileage. What features are you looking for?=_ What type of SUV are you looking for?=_ Would you like to buy a hybrid SUV?= () Yes () No

Who invented the first SUV truck?

Chrysler was the first to introduce SUV.

What is the difference bewtween a golf ball and an SUV?

an SUV is harder to drive

When did Audi manufacture their first SUV?

The first SUV Audi manufactured went on sale in the year 2006. The model of the SUV is the Audi Q7. It is a luxury SUV model offered by Audi for the public to enjoy.

What is a Nissan Rouge?

Assuming you mean Nissan Rogue, the Nissan Rogue is a compact crossover SUV vehicle.

What is the fastest stock SUV?

the fasted stock SUV is a Honda cr-v

What type of car is the Torchwood SUV?

The Torchwood SUV is a Range Rover Vogue.