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What does Vous êtes laid mean?


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The basic meaning is 'you are ugly'. It can also mean 'you are mean'.

This is mean as in 'mean and nasty', not as in 'ungenerous'.


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Vous êtes belle means "You are beautiful"

voulez-vous des pâtes, est-ce que vous voudriez des pâtes

vous me manquez - I miss you (you formal or plural) et je rêve de tes baisers sucrés - and I dream of your sweet kisses (this is certainly already a translation from English)

First in French it should be : Vous êtes un cul d'un poulet. Which means : You an ass of a chicken. Unless you mean : Vous avez le cœur d'un poulet. Which means : You have the heart of a chicken. Either way it is an insult.

Google translate= You're ugly. Enjoy life. You are mean; just enjoy life.

vous êtes mon amour (voo) (es) (tes) mon amour

"tes joues" (fem. plural) means "your cheeks" in French.

"Quels sont tes passe-temps?" Qu'est-ce que vous aimez faire quand vous avez du temps libre?

I think you mean "Comment allez vous" which means "how are you?"

'tes celib' is texting for 'tu es célibataire?' meaning 'are you single' in French.

"comment s'appellent tes parents ?" is translated "how are your parents called ?

'tes ki" is the text message version of 'tu es qui' (familiar) meaning "who are you"

Vous êtes laid! Profitez de la vie! in French means "You're ugly! Make the most of life!" in English.

this is slang for 'you're horny'

voulez-vous... mean do you want...

après vous = After you

Vous Pouvez means you can or you are able.

Vous êtes means "you are".

C'est vous means 'It is you'.

Souhaitez-vous ? means "do you wish?".

Tes is a possessive article meaning 'your'. It is the plural form of 'ton' (your, masc. singular) and 'ta' (fem. singular). Ex: ton chien (your dog), tes chiens (your dogs) ta voiture (your car), tes voitures (your cars)

"Por vous claro" is gibberish. Vous means 'you' (formal or plural), the rest doesn't mean a thing.

"vous savez que vous m'aimez" means "you know that you love me" in French.

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