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What does a 12-year-old boy say if he wants to ask a girl out?

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Does he want to ask her out on a date or does he want to ask her to be his girlfriend. Date- Walk up to her and ask if she busy for a particular day and if she says no then ask if she would like to do something. If she says yes, she's busy ask "when do you think you'll be able to go out. Leave it up to her. If you want her to be your girlfriend, start with the date because you have to get to know her before you ask her to be your girlfriend. Have fun and good luck

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Could a girl ask a boy out?

yes if she wants to.

Why does a boy stare at a girl in her eyes?

the boy likes the girls eyes? he maybe likes you. and wants to ask you out or kiss you.

Can a boy not have a normal relationship with the one he loves?

yes but ask the girl if that is what she wants too

If you are thirteen and a boy how should you be ready to ask a girl out?

just ask her if she wants to go out to lunch or something like that

What is a cute way to ask a boy to be your valentine?

If a girl wants to ask a boy to be her valentine, there are several cute ways to do so. The girl can make a heart out of construction paper and write a cute saying on it and ask to be their valentine. A girl can also make a CD with romantic songs to give to the boy.

Who is the boy in the movie what a girl wants?

if a girl tell about a boy to that girl if she know him she say were him at what will happen. ^^That makes no sense but the boy in What a girl wants is Oliver James. ~Jo

How do you text messaging with girl?

if you are a boy, you just say how much you love her, maybe ask her out, if you've done that, ask her if she wants sex with you

What does it mean when a boy wants a girl to come?

It they mean that sexually, the boy wants to give the girl an orgasm. Otherwise, he just wants her to visit him.

Is a player when a boy ask out a girl and the girl says no and the boy gos and ask another girl?


Why can't you ask a boy out?

its traditional for the boy to ask the girl out but not everyone does that. it is traditional for the boy to ask the girl out its like a girl asking a guy to marry her that just not cool

If a boy ask me out in then he told me that he have feel for other girl what should i do?

Let him go. You deserve someone who wants you and only you!!

What a girl wants from a boy?


What if a 9 grade boy wants to ask out an 8 grade girl and she not ready?

Get a girl in 9th grade or give her some time to feel 'ready'.

How do you ask a boy to meet you?

You ask him if he wants to hangout sometime.

If a boy ask for your number?

Don't panic when boy ask you to give your number to him. Boldly ask him why he wants your number, if he wants your number for good reason then give him the number.

Is siri a boy or a girl?

A girl ask Siri you will be surprised by the answer

How can you ask a girl to make out?

Oh another lost soul boy needs an answer well you walk up to her ask her if she wants to make out then start kissing her and touching her!

Does Beyonce want to have a girl or a boy?

i think she wants an girl

Is twisted sister a boy or girl?

well he wants to be a girl

How do you tell when a boy wants to make out with you?

ask him

How can you tell if a boy wants a hug from you?

you ask him

Why a boy wants to be first boy in girl's life why a girl wants to be the last girl in boy's life?

why a boy wants to be the first boy in girl's life... when a girl first fall for a boy, it's so real and true and serious.. lucky is the boy she loves so deep.. and why girl wants to be the last girl in boy's life... a girl doesn't like to be hurt over and over again.. and since boys have many girlfriends, it's lucky for a girl to win his heart and be hers forever.. ----Prabhakar Gautam

What does it mean if a boy tells a girl he loves her?

It means that the boy wants the girl to be his boyfriend or marry him.

What does a teenage boy do if he wants to go to the next step but the girl wants to go farther?

the boy dumps her!

What do you call a girl that wants to be a boy?

A tomboy !

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