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Cherokee Indians

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Q: What does a Cherokee knife look like?
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What did the Cherokee houses look like?

they look like mud houses

What does a Cherokee summer home look like?

I'd bet it would have Cherokee things.

What did Cherokee tribes weapons look like?

Cherokee tribes weapons looked awesome!

What did the Cherokee Indians houses look like?

in the summer they look like a log cabin and in the winter they look like a cow Paddie.

What does the ax symbol of George Washington look like?

i have a knife with a stone ax symbol what or how old is my knife

When cutting what should your non-knife hand look like?


What does the land the Cherokee lived on look like?


Can you mail a pocket knife from the US to Australia?

Can you mail a knife look like a guy in the USPS from Afghaistan to the us

What does a ugandan spring-knife trap look like?

its a spring with a knife in the end and when someone steps on it the knife flys up and hits the perosn close to their heart

What weapons did the Cherokee tribe use to hunt?


What does a Cherokee feather look like?

Cherokee's did not have feathers; only birds have feathers. Cherokee's collected bird feathers so any feathers they had looked like the same bird feathers you see today.

What does a Cherokee winter home look like?

It looks like an upside down basket

What is the color code for a 1989 Jeep Cherokee stereo?

where do I find the color code for a 1989 jeep Cherokee and what does it look like

How can you make a knife look just like new?

sharpen it on a peice of wood

What does a pregnant black ghost knife fish look like and if it is what are the requirements?

A pregnant ghost fish.

What does the phrase Key Ya Hoss mean in the Cherokee Language?

This phrase does not look like genuine Cherokee, since Cherokee does not have a syllable "key", nor is there a syllable "ke", nor is there a "ss".

Is sam Bradford hawaiian?

no. does he look like a pineapple to you? he's Cherokee Indian.

How do your hair look like?

My hair look like you cut off babys hands and glued them onto giant inflatable dolphin with red mohawk and knife.

What do assassins weapons look like?

black bandana rip't pans wite shoes and a knife in the poket

What are some Cherokee Indian weapons?

Bow's , arrow's , knife axe and clubs

What does a pregnant black ghost knife fish look like?

It looks like it normally does except has a slightly larger stomach.

What does an electrical knife look like?

An electric knife looks like a large serrated knife. It has a larger handle than a normal knife because that's where the motor is housed. You can find electric knives that have a cord attached, and plug into an outlet. Or you can find electric knives that charge on a base, so you can take them off and use it with no cord attached.

What does Cherokee money system look like?

The Cherokee, as well as all other Native Tribes, had no money system (or concept of money) before the introduction of such by colonists from Europe.

What school offers lessons on how to use a Wusthof classic knife set?

It doesn't look like there are schools that teach you how to use that knife set. Check with the store you bought the knife set from. Sometimes they offer free in-store classes.

What do Cherokee houses look like?

its not a tepee in the summer it is a log house and in the winter it is a cow Patti