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What does a Fram PH30 oil filter fit?

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list model # ph30 fram oil filter fits

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several chevys. for instance older cavaliers.

Try the Fram PH 5 Filter,Ive all so used the ph30 filter.

I just took one off my 1970 Chevelle 454 big block. Trying to locate a Fram PH30 to replace it.

Fram PH30

Fram equivalent is PH30 and other oil filter you might want to consider is WIX 51069

Most any brand will do. In a Fram, it's PH30

The FRAM list says that is not a FRAM number

what vehicle uses fram tg3980

Ph5 Fram oil filter fits GMC 7.4L or the 454 cu. in.

It fits on a 2006 Honda Civic and most likely other cars too.

PH8170 is a lawn tractor oil filter...

Ph30 fram Fram makes a poor quality filter that I would not recommend. Get a Purolator L20049 which is no more costly and is a quality filter that is a direct replacement for your filter. Advance Auto Parts and some Walmart stores sell them.

I am assuming you are asking about a FRAM Air Filter. That number sounds like a Fram Number. The recommended Fram filter for a 91 Corvette is PH30. The AC Delco number is PF 24 (Old filter number) while the better filter replacement is PF 454. I recommend getting the best oil filter you can buy for your corvette.

That filter is generally for Chrysler products.

AC Delco PF1218. Fram Extra Guard PH30.Purolator Classic L15313.For an example.

Google the filter, (ph3593a fram oil filter). Go to Amazon. On the page their is a link that states all of the vehicles this filter may be used.

what is the cross reference for Napa oil filter 1056 to fram oil filter and als the cross reference for Napa oil filter 7035 to fram

It is a hydraulic oil filter that fits various items like log splitters.

Kawasaki and Kohler mower engines

A Fram PH3614 oil filter fits a ES 300 Lexus.