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What does a cherry blossom tattoo symbolise?

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In Japanese culture cherry blossoms usually symbolise peace and unity.

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What is a tattoo that represents mortality?

The cherry blossom. In Japanese culture that is exactly what the cherry blossom tattoo signifies.

What type of tattoo is a sakura?

a sakura is a cherry blossom

Is the Geisha and Cherry Blossom Tattoo Maternity Tunic made to wear in warm or cold weather?

The Geisha and Cherry Blossom Tattoo Maternity Tunic is made to be comfortable in all conditions.

What goes with a cherry blossom tattoo?

any more flowers really i would prefer a lotus it goes great with cherry blossom tattoos =]

What does a cherry blossom tree tattoo mean?

Your either gay or a loving and caring person.

Is a cherry blossom tattoo suitable for males?

Of course, the cherry blossom is suitable for males....Ask any rough and tough samurai they revered the cherry blossom for their perfection....Dont sweat it a flower of any type tattooed on you is not gonna make you any less of a man.....In fact it will only make you more so....After all it is a tattoo............Hope this helps.........TatuBaron

What name has the meaning cherry blossom?

In Japanese Sakura means "cherry tree or cherry blossom".

Do cherries grow on a cherry blossom tree?

It is false that cherries grow on cherry blossom trees. Flowers called cherry blossoms grow on cherry blossom trees.

Is there such a thing as a cherry blossom bird?

Yes, it will come out sometime in June. it comes with the cherry blossom bird loveseat and a cherry blossom cheesecake.

What does a cherry blossom flower symbolize?

A cherry blossom is the symbol of spiritual beauty.

What tattoo should I go with a koi fish or cherry blossom tree?

Go with the one that has the most meaning to you, a tattoo is very personal, and only you need to know why you got it. :)

What does a gecko tattoo symbolise?

depends but in maori it can symbolise death

What is the symbolism of a swallow and cherry blossom tattoo?

Bluebirds and swallows are traditional nautical tattoos with a long history of use. They symbolise happiness and good fortune. The swallow was a tattoo a sailor got after traveling 5000 nautical miles. Cherry blossoms are a Japanese metaphor for life (the brief blooming and inevitable fall) as well as a Chinese symbol of the feminine principals. In the Victorian Language of Flowers it means love, and a good education.

Another name for cherry blossom?

Another good name for Cherry Blossom is Sakura.

Cherry blossom means what in japan?

In Japanese a spring cherry blossom is called a "Sakura"

How do you say cherry blossom in Hawaiian?

There's no native Hawaiian word for cherry blossom.

What Asian country is famous for it's cherry blossom?

Japan is famous for their cherry blossom.

Is a cherry blossom a Japan flower?

nobody knows because there is the cherry blossom and the crysanthmum.

What does Chinese cherry blossom mean in Chinese?

It means precisely "Chinese cherry blossom"

What is Prince Charles favorite colour?

Cherry blossom pink

Can a Japanese phoenix and cherry blossom be depicted together in a tattoo?

yes it can i have just had exactly that done in black and grey and looks wkd

What is the life cycle of a cherry blossom tree?

A cherry blossom tree lives for about twenty years.

What type of leaves do cherry blossom trees have?

As far as I can tell, Cherry Blossom trees do not have leaves.

When can you see the cherry blossom?

well i think you would be able to see a cherry blossom in January

What does a fox tattoo symbolise?

a fox