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Code 55 means there are no codes stored in the computer memory. I have owned a 1988 Full size van, a 1988 Plymouth carravelle and currently own 1994 Chrysler Town and Country. When you run your key cycle codes if there are none stored, it will flash 55 to let you know that it has no more codes. Of course if their are codes it will flash them in numerical order. (with the exceotion of codes above 55, yes therer are a few.) it will flash the codes above 55 and then flash code 55. Example, Codes: 12 (speed sensor), 17 (engine cold to long), 61 (Baro circuit Shorted), 55 (end of codes) sometimes you may even get a code 88 (start of test codes). So what you have at code 55 is a perfect code free computer.

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Q: What does a code 55 mean after you have bounced the key 3 times for a 1994 Plymouth Voyager 3.3l V6?
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