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What does a knocking sound in the engine means?

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Typically.... Connecting rod bearing / crank bearing. But it could also be piston slap, or flywheel.

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When pushing on gas pedal you hear knocking sound in engine?


Does the engine knock with a bad knock sensor?

NO it will not. If you have a knocking sound then you have trouble inside of the engine.

What is car engine knocking?

When the fuel in an engine cylinder ignites prematurely or unevenly to cause power fluctuations and a "knocking" sound. usually occurs when an engine is very how or improperly timed.

Why is my 2003 cavalier engine knocking?

Engine knocking can be caused by numerous things. Having the incorrect spark plugs, carbon deposits on the cylinder walls, and being low on engine oil may all cause a knocking sound.

Why would a 95 Chevy cavalier with a 2.4 engine make a knocking sound?

Engine rod? Engine bearing?

How long can v8 engine last while knocking?

if your engine is knocking that means you need oil. go get an oil change or add a quart asap or the engine will burn out

What causes Polaris Scrambler 400 engine knocking sound?

counterbalancer is bad

What is the cause of a loud knocking sound in engine compartment?

Bad bearing or rod

What causes a knocking sound in engine?

Mine did the same, mine was a motor mount.

What you do when knocking sound in a car is due to engine control module complaint?

Get it fixed.

How do you repair A 1997 Chevy s10 blazer that starts but makes a loud knocking sound and engine shakes and proceeds to turn off?

if the engine is knocking really loud you probably need to overhaul the entire engine or get a new or used engine because loud knocking is not good

What would cause a knocking sound when not stepping on the gas?

can you elaborate? engine noise? stationary/moving? ticking, tapping or a definite knocking?

How do you know when your engine has thrown a rod?

The first sign that your engine has thrown a rod is a knocking sound that comes from the engine when it runs. if you pay close attention, you will notice that the knocking sound is rhythmic and increases or decreases in accordance with the engine's revolution per minute (RPM).

If the engine has a bad bearing how will it sound?

You'll most likely hear a knocking sound or squeaking of some kind

When you start your engine in the morning you heard knocking sound alwalys in the top of the engine?

Possible dirty sticking valves.

If the engine is making a 'knocking' sound could it have been damaged due to the heater core going out in a 1996 Buick Skylark?


What is lead petrol?

This is petrol to which tetraethyl lead has been added to reduce knocking in the engine. Knocking is when combustion happens at the wrong time in the engine cycle giveing a kind of metallic "ping" sound.

What is the solution for a knocking noise in the engine?

Usually, a knocking engine is very bad, and requires replacement or rebuild of the engine. If the engine is going "clank-clank-clank" at idle, and the sound gets louder when you get on the gas and disappears for a sec or two when you let off, that means you gotta replace the engine. You ain't gonna go for but a couple more miles before you throw a rod....

What if your 1993 Chevy LTZ will start but will move Theres a loud knocking sound coming from the engine What could this be also the knocking sound will happen when when letting off the accelerator?

Sorry bud but that means that you have what's called a " Rod knock", one or more of the main and or the rod bearings have gone away, need to break that engine down to fix it. jr

Why does your engine make a knocking sound when you accelerate?

When you accelerate. you are putting presure on the main engine barrens. if they are going bad. You will hear this knocking sound. I don't know how many miles you have on this engine. But that's what it sounds like. But that's not all that can make this sound. You will have to tell more about it and when it started. Did it just start all at once? or did it start and then get louder?

Why does your car make a knocking sound when you drive?

Could be a rod knock. Your bearings slipping in the engine.

What does knocking mean in your yfz 450 engine?

Mine and everyone I have hears makes a knocking sound at idle, I wouldn't worry about it unless it does it through the whole rpm or is really lowed

The engine is making a knocking noise what could it be?

Depends on the sound of the knock. Could be main bearings or rod bearings.

What causes a knocking sound after car is shut off?

The combination of fuel still being pumped into the engine and air

Car makes loud knocking sound at high speeds?

A loud knocking noise in the motor of a car at high speeds is most likely the engine. There could be another issue with the transmission if the knocking only happens at high speeds.