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they eat roe deer, silka deer, musk deer, wild boar, hares, and badgers. they hide their kill under leaves or in trees.

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Will a snow leopard eat a wolf?

Wolves are not a regular diet item of the snow leopard.

What is the leopard diet?

They'll basically eat any prey that's warm blooded.

Can leopard geckos eat banana?

Nope. Their main diet is crickets and mealworms/waxworms

Can leopard geckos eat sardines?

No, a geckos leopard geckos diet consists of live feeders such as insects, arachnids, arthropods and smaller reptiles.

Why do leopard geckos eat small insects?

Yes, their whole diet is mainly crickets and mealworms or waxworms

What is An interesting Leopard Seal Question?

Where do Leopard seals go out to eat at? Where do Leopard seals go out to eat at?

Can leopard geckos eat chicken?

Leopard geckos should not eat chicken.

What sort of seals do the leopard seal eat?

Leopard Seals eat sea lions.

Can my pet cat eat a my leopard gecko?

Yes your cat can eat your leopard gecko

Can leopard geckos have grapes to eat?

No, leopard geckos don't eat fruit or vegetables.

What animals eat the snow leopard?

The only animal that eat the snow leopard are humans.

What eats a leopard?

carnivores eat meat. leopard are made of meat, so any carnivore BIGGER than a leopard eat a leopard.A leopard is a top predator and is not a regular part of any animal's diet. Its only enemies are man, hyena, wild dogs, and lions. If killed by any of these four, it can and will be eaten, but it is highly unusual.A leopard can also be killed by a lucky kick or strike from a prey animal it is trying to take down. However, that animal won't eat it; it only struck the blow in self-defense in an effort to get away with its life.A leopard can also be killed by rhinoceros, water buffalo, and hippopotamus who are protecting their young, but, again, those animals don't eat leopard because they are herbivores, not carnivores. A crocodile or a python may eat a leopard if it was given the chance.

What do lions and leopards eat?

While lions and leopards do share a similar diet, that of the leopard is far more varied than that of the lion. A leopard will eat anything from a dung beetle to monkeys, fish and foul. A lion, however, generally preys on larger mammals.

What kind of fish do leopard seals eat?

Leopard Seals dont eat fish. They eat penguins and seals.

What do lepord gecos eat?

The diet of a leopard gecko usually consists of live prey such as crickets, wax worms and mealworms. They have also been known to eat baby mice.

Can leopard gecko eat lady bugs?

No leopard geckos should not eat lady bugs!

Can you have a pet leopard seal?

Really theres no answer because: 1) they would eat you because of there diet 2) if you did get a pet leopard seal and they liked you, you would need the right climate 3) it my be elegal in some places

What do leopard whiprays eat?

what does a whipray eat

Does an emperor penguin eat a leopard seal?

no, it is the opposite way, leopard seals eat emperor penguins

Does any type of animal eat leopard seals?

Yes killer whales eat leopard seals :(

What does an leopard seal eat?

The leopard seals eat Penguins,Fish, Squid, Krill, and Other Seals

What do leopard seals usually eat?

The leopard seal is also known as sea leopard. It is one of the biggest seals in the Atlantic. The leopard seal eats krill and fish, but mostly they eat penguins.

How often does a leopard eat?

A leopard can eat several pounds of meat a day. The leopard hunts for food and usually has a large kill. This yields a large amount of meat at a time. The leopard can do this every day.

Does a cheetah eat a leopard?


Can leopard geckos eat potatoes?

Leopard geckos are a species of gecko that are insectivores. Their diet usually consists of: insects, small spiders, small scorpions, in some cases smaller geckos and if it comes down to the situation of their own species.

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