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Shooting Star Tattoo

it means you don't have any individuality. don't do it. get something a lot more meaningful. and stay away from the lower back. it's a "tramp stamp"


I don't think it necessarily has any meaning, but I also don't agree that anything on the lower back is a "tramp stamp". I designed my own tattoo with a star and tribal designs (I'm an artist - I oil paint for a living) and one of my five tattoos is on my lower back. I just like the appearance of a lower back tattoo. Every design is unique in the eye of the beholder. :)


yeah on the lower back is very attractive but it is a tramp stamp cuz if u havent noticd alot of girls are tramps and they just happened to have a lower back tattoo. stars are some of the coolest tattoos. but the lower back makes u look easy and vonerable. like its there so someone can look at ur butt or something. its actactive but skanky.

I am a young successful woman who received my trible tattoo on the small of my back 12yrs ago before it became a trend. This was something I wanted, and enjoy and is very feminen. To all the people who said "It's trampy, it makes a woman look weak and all the other stuff, Try messing with me and this 118 pound 5ft5 woman will kick your butt. Yes, some sleazy women put a tattoo on their back, but I know allot of sleaze bag men that have them averywhere, and for the stupidest reasons. They probebley have little D__K syndrome for putting women down or they are women beaters. For a woman to have any tattoo on the small of her back, it makes it easy to hide if you are going to a wedding and don't wish to show your tattoo off along with a number of things. It is all about the artistry, not where the tattoo is placed that counts.

the star tatoo is genraly a symbol of hope or a set of goals also it is used widely in the gay and lesbian cumminity. A lot of it depends on the kind of star

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Q: What does a shooting star tattoo on your lower back symbolize?
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Where can you see pictures of a shooting star tattoo on the lower back?

that depends. do you have eyes?

What does a fairy tattoo the lower back symbolize?

A fairy tattoo is a symbol of eternal youth and wanting to hold onto your inner child.

What does a star tattoo by your lower back symbolize?

Star tattoos, regardless of body placement, typically symbolize things such as guidance or a feeling of hope. They can also represent an achievement. There is no particular meaning associated with having the star located on the lower back.

What does a shooting star tattoo on your lower back mean?

Other than you may like shooting stars...nothing. Many designs mean nothing, unless they mean something to you.

What does a Chinese tattoo on the back of a woman's neck symbolize?

It can mean anything. It depends on the pattern of the tattoo.

Does a tattoo on the back of one's neck symbolize anything?

it depends what tatoo it is

If you get a tattoo in your lower back you are a tramp?


What does a star tattoo on a woman mean?

She's lame, especially if the tattoo is on her lower back.

Does Naya Rivera have tattoo?

Yes, she has five. She has one on her inner right wrist, a shooting star on her right foot, a cross on her lower back, a peace sign on her left ankle, and a bow on the back of her neck.

What are other names for a lower back tattoo?

Lower back tattoos are commonly known as "Tramp Stamps"

Does Rachel McAdams have a tattoo?

yes she does, on her lower back.

What does a spider tattoo on the back of the neck symbolize?

The Spider Tattoo on the back of someones neck means this person has spent time incarcerated in either detention home, jail, or prison.

What was the tattoo that the singer Aaliyah had on her wrist?

She had a dove tattoo on her lower back, an initial and star on her hand and a music symbol tattoo on her ankle

Sharp shooting pain in the lower right back?

Sharp shooting pain in the lower right back could be from a couple different things. The pain could indicate kidney stones or back spasms.

What is the price of right lower back tattoo?

It all depends on the size of the tattoo and the amount of detail you want in it.

What is the meaning of a black heart in a tattoo on lower back?


Where on the back is best for a tattoo?

People have different beliefs on where they believe it is best on the the back to get a tattoo. One may want to get it on one's lower back or upper back, on either side of the back, or so on.

What is Lady Gagas faavorite tattoo?

Believe it or not,Lady GaGa`s favorite tattoo is on at her lower back on her waist

Symbolism of a Tattoo on Lower Back?

People call it the 'Tramp Stamp'....Thats all the symbolism I know of for lower back tattys

How painful is getting a tattoo on the lower back?

That depends on what you think is painful.

What does a lily flower tattoo symbolize?

The lily symbolizes the purity that a person has. It starts out as a seed then blossoms into a beautiful lily. That is why I have a lily tatooed on my lower back. It shows that I have become a wonderful person and have traveled a great length to get where I am.

You have had a tattoo on your lower back and now have numbness in your leg?

go to a doctor. this doesn't sound like something associated with a tattoo.

What does a tattoo of the number 22 on the back of the head symbolize?

In many instances, a tattoo of a number such as this has gang affiliation. Not to say that this is the definitive meaning for this particular tattoo, but I would wager so. A lot of times one gets a tattoo on the back of their head as a bold statement of their affiliation so that it can be read by anyone at anytime in prison.

What does it mean to get a tattoo on your lower back?

Also known as a Tramp Stamp or a Bullseye

What does a Chevrolet emblem tattoo on lower back represent?

Chevy riding low.

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