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What does a spear tooth shark eat?

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What is the population for spear tooth shark?

there are only 10 left

What do spear tooth sharks eat?


Can a fang tooth fish eat a shark'?

The fang tooth eat a fish

Can a fang tooth fish eat a shark?

it cant eat pooo yaaa

What does a shark tooth look like?

a shark tooth looks like a shark tooth

What is a shark tooth?

A shark tooth is a tooth that is found in sharks.

What is the password of shark tooth?

Shark tooth

What kind of shark has the biggest shark tooth?

The Megalodon shark which is Greek for "big tooth" .

In poptropica what is shark tooth island?

Shark tooth island is when you have to to save people from a giant shark

Where is the translation key on shark tooth?

get it in the temple in shark tooth to get it u need a decoder.

How can you get on shark tooth island?

Take the Poptropica blimp to reach all of the islands. The one with the shark on it is Shark Tooth island.

How do you beat the mermaid at shark tooth island?

There are no mermaids in Shark Tooth island, you do go into the ocean

How do you feed the shark on shark tooth?

you click the weel and you get to feed the shark

What do you type in the shark in shark tooth island?


How do you identify the type of shark from a shark tooth?

Scientists have a special tool to help them find out what species the shark was, how old it was when the tooth was lost, and if the shark had any diseases or sicknesses.

Why is the sand tiger shark nicknamed raggle tooth?

Why is a sand shark nickname called raggle tooth

How long is a tiger shark tooth?

Each tiger shark tooth is exactly 15.478331cm long. Wow!

How do you get a lucky shamrock medallion?

you costomize the medacine man in shark tooth you costomize the medacine man in shark tooth

Where do you find the mask on shark tooth island?

Mask? What mask? There is no mask that you have to find in Shark Tooth Island, Poptropica.

How do you get past the heiroglyphics in shark tooth Island on poptropica?

how do you get past hte heiroglyphics in shark tooth island on poptropica

What happens when a shark loses a tooth?

Another tooth grows in.

What do you do on shark tooth islandhark tooth island in poptropica?


On Poptropica where are the ingredins to feed the shark at Shark Tooth?

You answer it yourself

Where is professor hammerhead on Shark Tooth Island?

behind the shark

How do you kill the shark on tooth island?

you get a bomb to kill the shark