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What does a wix 51358 oil filter fit?

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My tractor uses that filter. Also some Kawasaki ATVs do such as the Prairie 300. Input WIX 51358 to Google for some references. AMR, MD 300 DTC 4WD:

30 HP, 12 Speed, Synchro-shuttle * 4-Cylinder Mitsubishi Engine Delivers 30 Gross Engine HP * 12 Forward and 12 Reverse Synchro-Shuttle Gearbox; Shuttle Lever Positioned Conveniently Close to the Steering Wheel * Independent or Manual, 540 RPM Electro-Hydraulic PTO, Operated by a Switch Located on the Dash, Delivers a Maximum of 26 HP * Automatic Draft, Position and Mixed Control Hydraulics with Flow and Response Control * Two Sets of Spool Valves - a Standard Feature Rarely Found in Any Tractors in this Class * Lift Capacity Close to 3000 lbs. and 7.8 GPM Hydraulic Flow are Among the Best in the Industry * Wet Multi-Disc Brakes for Highly Efficient Braking * Other Features Include: Foldable Roll bar, 3-Point Hitch (Cat. I), Telescopic Drawbar, Adjustable Stabilizers, Rear Differential Lock and Horizontal Exhaust

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What is the Napa oil filter for a Polaris Sportsman 850 XP?

wix 51358 napa 1358 same filter

What oil filter cross references for a yanmar 119305-35151?

Wix Filter # 51358, Price $10.58

What does a wix 51348 oil filter fit?

Standard Chrysler passenger car oil filter.

What does wix 51516 oil filter fit?

2003 mustang v6

Cross reference Kubota oil filter 15853-32430 to a fram oil filter?

I have not had a chance to verify the fit but these are the numbers that I got from different sites and some auto parts stores: PUROLATOR ML16817 Motor Cycle Oil filter FRAM PH6017a Oil filter WIX 51358 oil filter Air Filter 46449 ZD18-54 w/Kubota D722 Engine Beta Marine oil filter # 211-63760 Kubota oil filter # 15853-32430

What wix filter crosses from Eaton Oil Filter 103144?

no wix filter replaces the 103144 anymore wix changed the dimensions of their 51361 filter and now it does not fit...the outside diameter is too large and the gasket is also changed.....

What does a wix 51036 oil filter fit?

1980-2005 gm cars and trucks. Check wix web site.

Wix 51358 to fram?

Fram XG7313/TG7313

What is the Wix oil filter cross reference for Sears oil filter 696854?

WIX 57035

What is Wix oil filter equivalent for Gererac 070185F?

WIX - Oil FilterPart # 57145

Cross reference fram oil filter Ph8170 to wix?

John Deere Oil Filter # AM125424 Wix Oil Filter # 51056 Fram Oil Filter # PH8170

Is wix oil filter as good as Detroit filters?

Yes, the Wix filter is an excellent filter.

What does a wix 51380 oil filter fit?

Wix Oil Filter # 51380 fits Mitsubishi Saturn 1.6L & 1.8L Belt Drive motors. Also Mitsubishi 2L Astron and 2.6L Astron motors. Interchangeable with a Ryco Z56B Oil Filter.

Cross ref from john deere oil filter am125424 to a wix filter number?

According to the WIX website cross-reference, John Deere oil filter AM125424 = WIX oil filter 51056 or 51056MP.

What purolator oil filter cross reference with a fram ph 6017a?

Use a Purolator ML16817 or ML16819 You can also use an AC/Delco PF2135, or Wix 51358 or 51365 which are also excellent filters.

What does pennzoil pz-14 oil filter fit?

That filter crosses to a wix 51347 Follow the link for what it fits

What does a napa 1040 oil filter fit?

The NAPA 1040 fuel filter is a private label WIX filter. The WIX part no. is 51040 and has many applications. Here's the Wix application guide:

A wix-51521 oil filter to a Fram oil filter?

The WIX filter is a Superior Filter I recommend Staying with it.But the number you are looking for is P9280 & DG43

Cross reference from john deere oil filter AM107423 to a wix filter?

WIX 51394

What does a wix 51356 oil filter fit?

2003 Honda accord 4cyl and a 2009 Honda Civic.

What is the wix oil filter to replace a john deere oil filter am107423?

WIX 51394, Purolator L14476, Fram 4967

What is the wix oil filter cross reference for fram ph3387a?

Wix 51040 wix 57032

What is the john deere oil filter number that would match a WIX oil filter number 51394?

The Deere TY26278 is the match for the WIX spin on oil filter number 51394.

Cross ref fram oil filter part number PH 4967 to wix filter I need wix number?

Wix# 51394

What is the fram oil filter cross reference for wix 51821?

Cross reference wix 51821 to framoil filter?Fram P5200