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Usually pertaining to soil, it means to churn up and loosen the soil so that oxygen or water can go deep in the soil.

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Q: What does aerated mean?
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What does foam mean?

It is typically an aerated liquid.

What is lungs are well aerated?

Lungs well aerated

Are Aerated drinks good for health?

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When was Aerated Bread Company created?

Aerated Bread Company was created in 1862.

Why do nitrogen life cycle work best when well-aerated?

It works better because aerated soil as nitrification is most rapid with warm soils

What does it mean when you have bubbles in your tranny fluid?

Usually the fluid level is too high and the fluid has aerated.

Is oxygen used to make aerated drinks?

No aerated drinks contain carbon di oxide.

Is aerated water a mixture?

Aerated water is a mixture because the gases are actually dissolved into the water. Aerated water contains oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases.

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What are uses for carbonic acid?

Aerated drinks.

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Why sandy soil is well aerated and light in weight?

Sandy soil is well aerated because space between sand particles is quiet large.

Yard Aeration ?

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What is a Biological Aerated Filter?

Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) is a fixed-film system in which a biofilm-support medium is submerged in wastewater to provide biological treatment.

What is the pH value of colourless aerated drink?


The PH of colourless aerated drink is 5?


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What are the benefits of worms in the soil?

keeps the soil aerated

How do you use aerated in a sentence?

please tell me a good sentence used in aerated i want in my copy please tell me fast i want it in 1 minute1.i will be thankful to u thanx

How many types of lagoons are there?

coastal lagoons and aerated lagoons

What is AACS?

If you concern for industries then AAC is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete.

What can cause an aerated septic system to stink?

You need to get it cleaned out.