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Ah stands for Ampere hours. It is a measure of capacity, how much electricity the battery can hold.

Eg: A 12 volt 5 Ah battery can deliver 12v at 5 amps for 1 hour. Or 12v at 0.5 amps for 10 hours and so on.

Remember. Voltage is supplied by the battery but current/ amps are drawn by the appliance. Power in watts is calculated as volts x amps. So for instance a 12 volt bulb drawing 2 amps is: 12x2=24 so it is a 24 watt bulb. so on a 12v 5ah battery it will burn for about 2.5 hours. This is why car batteries are quite big for only a 12 volt battery, the massive current drawn by just turning the engine would flatten a small battery, and probably still wouldn't start even then.

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Is a higher Ah Battery Better than a lower Ah battery?

A: Not better but it will surely last longer with the same load

Can you replace a battery that is rated at 4ah with a larger ah battery?

Yes, it mAh or Ah is how long the battery lasts, it does not affect performance.

Can you use a 12v 7.2 ah battery to replace a 12v 4 ah battery in an alarm system?


What is the formula for calculating backup time in ups?

battery backup is fully depended on battery discharge characteristics. discharge characteristics are c1 c5 c20 Need to consider c factor, calculating backup of batteries 100 AH BATTERY DISCHARGED BY 5 AMP CONSTANT = 100 AH 100 AH BATTERY DISCHARGED BY 20 AMP CONSTANT= 85 AH 100 AH BATTERY DISCHARGED BY 50 AMP CONSTANT=70AH 100 AH BATTERY DISCHARGED BY 100 AMP CONSTANT=50AH FOR KIND CONSIDERATION. FOR ANY CLARIFICATION CONTACT Battery back up time=Battery current at full load/Battery Ah

How much load you can put on the 150 ah battery?

Ampere Hour (Ah)The capacity of the battery is represented in Ah. It is the amount of current a battery can give during one hour of charge / discharge cycle. High capacity batteries (100 Ah, 150 Ah) are used to power inverters to get sufficient backup time. The formula to select the battery power (Ah) is Load in watts / Voltage of battery x Backup hour.For example if you wants to run 400 watts load on 12 volt battery for 3 hours, then the capacity of the battery should be minimum 100 Ah.Ah = 400 / 12 x 3 = 100 Ah. If the load increases (within the capacity of the inverter), backup time reduces.

Does more ah in a battery mean its stronger?

Depends on what you mean by stronger. Ah stands for ampere hour, which is a unit of energy. A battery with 1 Ah can deliver a current of 1 Ampere for 1 hour, or 2 Amperes for 30 minutes, etc. The voltage of a battery tells you how much current the battery will produce through a given resistance; more voltage is probably closer to what you mean by stronger, since knowing the current and the voltage allows you to know the power released by the battery. So, for a given resistance, more voltage = more power released by the battery. So: more Ah is like having a larger gas tank; more voltage is like having more horse power.

Can I replace a 12v 33ah battery with a 12v 4.5 ah battery for a motorized scooter?

No, it does not have enough capacity (i.e. ah rating).

Describe the difference of V and Ah in a battery?

V is the batteries rated voltage. Ah is the amp-hour of the battery. This is a rating of how many amps it can supply for a given period of time. For example a 600 Ah battery with a 100 A load means that the battery should last 6 hours.

Will a 12 volt 75 ah battery charger can be used to charge a 12 volt 150 ah battery?

Yes. In about two to two and a half hours, depending on the condition of the battery.

Can a 15 ah battery can be used to supply 12v to a plc pannel instead of 14 ah battery?

Yes as long as they are both 12 volt batteries.

What type of battery that suits Toyota innova?

12 Volt 70 AH battery

Would a 36V 230 Ah 6hr 335 Ah 20hr traction battery charge on a DC volts24v DCamps20A battery charger?

NO, in order to 'charge' a battery, the charging device must be at a higher voltage than the battery in order for current to flow to the battery.

How long does it take to recharge a battery from dead?

Check and see how many Ah (Amper hours) your battery is. If it is for a gas/gasoline car, then it is probably around 42 Ah; batteries for diesel are usually around 72 Ah. Check the power of your battery charger. It should be something between 4-6 A. You must divide the battery capacity by the charger strength to get the time necessary. For example: your battery is 42 Ah and your charger is 6 A. Then the time needed will be 42 Ah / 6 A = 7 h. Charge your battery no longer than 7 h. Please note that overcharging the battery permanently damages it.

Battery in a 71 beetle?

12v and 36 ah

What is the Ah for main battery of Mercedes E320 2007?

It stands for amp hours. Ah Will be 760 or 850.

Can the wrong size battery cause problems It is approved for the car however it is not the recommended size?

the battery amp hour (ah) rating is what is important as long as the new battery has the same or higher ah rating it should be OK

Will a 7 ah battery last longer than a 5 ah battery?

Depends on several things, but normally yes. Under optimal conditions a 7 ah battery will deliver 7 amps for 1 hour, or 1 amp for 7 hours, or 0.5 amps for 14 get the picture.

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How much average current can be drawn from an 80 ah battery for 10 h?

I= Ah/h = 80Ah/10h = 8A

Can you replace 12v 33Ah battery with a 12v 7Ah battery?

The Ah (amp hour) rating of a battery is a measure of it's capacity. A 33Ah battery, when fully charged, will deliver 33 amps for one hour, or 11 amps for 3 hours, etc.A 7 Ah battery will only last about 20% as long as a 33Ah battery.

Do you need 3 x12v 12 ah batteries to make a 36v 12 ah battery or do you use 3x 12v 4ah batteries?

The first choice was the best: 3 x 12 v 12 Ah will give a 36 v 12 Ah battery. In series the same current goes through all the batteries so the Ah capacity does not change.

Is 4800mAh is equivalent to 56 Wh?

Only if the battery is rated at 11.66V. mAh / 1000 => Ah (4800 mAh = 4.8 Ah) Ah * V => Wh (4.8 Ah * 11.66 V = 55.97 Wh)

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