What does aloe do to your hair?

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aloe makes your hair strong , thick and healthly. its also a good moisterizer. its great for the face too and acne.use the white jelly from the aloe and evenly smooth it in a circular motion on your face.let it dry for 15 minutes. then rinse it off. it will close the pores on your face and give your face a glow. trust me my face felt like a baby's bottom.

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Q: What does aloe do to your hair?
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Sampaguita and aloe vera extract as hair grower?

the combined aloe vera and sampaguita helps hair to grow! :)

What does aloe do to your hair and how long does it grows?

Aloe makes hair healthy and it grows 1/2 inch a month

Is aloe oil good for hair?

Yes, its definitely good for hair, Aloe Vera helps in deep penetration and moisturizes the scalp and hair.

How is aloe oil good for hair?

Aloe vera, a plant found in Africa, is filled with a liquid gel that can be used to stop hair loss or falling.

What is healthy for your hair?

Any products that contain aloe are healthy for your hair and skin.

Como usar aloe para el cuidado del cabello?

How to use aloe for hair care.

Will aloe grow your hair?

Aloe will not cause increased hair growth, but it will moisturise and improve the condition of hair. It may, in some cases, even cause individual hairs to become thicker, creating the illusion of more hair.

How do you prepare aloe vera at home?

sir please tell me how to prepare aloe vera hair oil at home

How do aloe vera grow your hair?

The aloe Vera works hard at the root of your hair. It immediately moisturizes, cleans, hydrates, and makes your hair healthy. That is exactly what you need to grow your hair faster. I recommend this method. I tried it . My hair looked absolutely gorgeous.

What oil should you use for hair growth?

Aloe Vera.

Can you use aloe to wash the hair?

No, it's too strong of a chemical for your hair. Plus, it will make it bone dry. Don't take that risk. Aloe is commonly meant for lotions for your skin.

What is the polarity of Aloe Vera gel?

aloe vera is very good for your hair has less alcohol than any other gel

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