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What does an AC motor do?

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An ac motor basically makes it easier electricity form.A man Named Nikola Tesla created Alternating Current. (AC)

AC is the flow of electricity going back and fourth, unlike Direct Current. (DC)

A man named Thomas Edison created Direct Current.

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Which is more effecient an ac motor or a dc motor?


What type of motor is used in ac servometer?

ac motor

What part are different between dc motor and ac motor?

DC motor has commutator to convert AC into DC. but incase of AC there is no commutator

AC Motor?

form_title= AC Motor form_header= Repair your workplace AC with a new motor! What size motor do you need?* = _ How will the motor be used?* = _ What type of air conditioner do you own?* = _ How old is your unit?* = _

What year did Tesla invent the ac motor?

His ac motor was made in 1888.

Is schrage motor ac?

As the motor is a three phase machine,it must be AC supply

How do you calculate 3ph AC motor power?

How do you calculate 3ph AC motor power?

How do you change an ac motor to a DC motor?

Ac motor have slip ring, to remove the slip ring,connected to the commutator its a dc motor.

What the main different between shunt motor and induction motor and AC motors?

induction motor is AC motor also synchronic motors are AC motors but second one has not slip but first one has slip . shut motor is DC motor

What is AC motor and DC motor?

AC stands for alternating current, and DC is direct current. A motor is a device that uses electrical energy to spin. An AC motor uses AC voltage, and a DC motor uses DC voltage.

How do you differentiat dc motior and ac motor physicaly?

if you power an ac motor with dc or a dc motor with ac you will likely start smelling smoke and the motor will be damaged. If the motor is marked "3-phase", "shaded pole", or "induction" it is an ac motor! BTW, there are ac/dc motors that will run on both, they are wound very much like dc motors but a bit differently.

Is a stepper motor easier to maintain than a normal ac motor?

A stepper motor is more easier to maintain than a normal ac motor. Ac motor is a seal motor under pressure. A stepper can easliy be open and the interwheels can be fixed and cleaned.

Can DC work on AC motor?

No. An AC Motor is typically of the induction type. This requires a rotating magnetic field which is characteristic of AC.

What kilowatt of AC generator will drive a 18 kilowatt ac motor?

30kva generators ,it can be able to run the 18kw ac motor

What is the different between ac dc motors?

DC Motor works on DC source and AC motor works on AC source

Is the electric motor in a Ford Fusion hybrid AC or Dc?

It is an AC powered vehicle. It has an 88KW Magnet AC Synchronous Motor

Which ac motor gives high output rpm?

ac universel single phase motor

Fan works on ac or DC?

It depends on the motor. The fan is driven by an electric motor, and it can use a dc motor (as in a car) or an ac motor (as in a house). They are not interchangeable.

What is the difference between AC machine and DC machine?

ac motor is good & dc motor are not good

Which motor used in ac and dc?

universal motor

How do you turn an ac electric motor into a diy motor?

Not sure what you are asking. DIY = Do it yourself. If you already have an AC electric motor what are you planning to change it into?

Can AC motor work on DC?

use a inverter to change dc to ac or couple it to a ac motor making it a motor generator. Comment: AC motors cannot run on DC since their principle of operation based on induction. There's an exception,however, and thats for Universal Series motor which can run on either AC or DC.

An example of a stepper motor miniature dc motor and an ac motor?

stepper motor :- motor used for controlling direction of movement of robotic arm dc motor :- motor used in cellphones as vibrators ac motor :- motor used in textile machinery

Is the motor in a ceiling fan ac or dc?

is AC, bro...

Can you use AC in motor?

AC current is used in motors.