What does an amoeba do?


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An amoeba is a shapeless blob of ''jelly'' that engulfs random objects on its way to know where in particular. Amoeba move by using their pseudopodium which is a "false leg." Amoeba can be harmful or helpful to man-kind and other living things. Amoebas are composed of just one cell. They are protozoans with no fixed shape. Most have no hard parts and look like blobs of jelly. However, some amoebas do build shells. Amoebas move by making part of its body move in the direction it wants to travel. Then slowly the rest of the cell follows. In order to eat an Amoeba flows around other microorganisms and then engulfs them. To reproduce the Amoeba splits itself into two cells.


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The scientific name of the amoeba is... Amoeba. Amoebas belong to the genus Amoeba. You have distinct species like Amoeba proteus and Amoeba dubia.

Freshwater amoeba in salt water will have a higher solute content outside of the amoeba. The water in the amoeba will want to move out of the amoeba and into the environment. This will cause the amoeba to shrivel and die.

there is no use of amoeba

No, The Amoeba is a ciliate

what is the diet for the amoeba

No , Amoeba is heterotrophic .

An amoeba does not have eyes

No. The amoeba is a protist.

An amoeba only has one nucleus. It is the control center for the amoeba.

Amoeba are not photosynthetic. They do not have chloroplasts

It's the same color as the amoeba. Of course, since amoeba is transparent it's hard to say that amoeba has a color.

An amoeba is unicellular

An amoeba is heterotrophic.

"Amoeba" is the Latin name.

An amoeba is a type of protozoa.

Does an amoeba have plant cells? No.

amoeba is a type of bacteria. it can cause sicknesses such as the amoeba sickness. it is a bacteria not a Protist.

Amoeba are not prokariyotic. they are eukariyotic organisms.

No, an amoeba doesn't need fertilization to reproduce. An amoeba reproduces asexually.

An amoeba is an eukaryote, which is an unicellular organism. The amoeba belongs to the kingdom Protozoa and the phylum Amoebozoa.

Amoeba belong in the Kingdom Protista.

Amoeba are eukariyotic cells.So they have mitochondria.

An amoeba is a unicellular organism.

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