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ion contains either a positive or negative charge.

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What is the difference nitride sulphite and phosphate in chemistry?

A nitride contain the ion N3-, a sulphite contain the ion SO3-, a phosphate contain the ion (PO4)3-.

What are two properties of acids and two properties of bases?

- acids contain the ion H+- bases contain the ion hydroxyl, (OH)-- bases contain a metal in the molecule- acids contain a nonmetal or an ion in the molecule

What ion is present in base solutions?

All acids contain a hydrogen ion, H+. All bases contain a hydroxide ion, OH-

What kind of ion does acids contain?

Acids contain at least one ionizable proton (H+ ion)

How do you find the subatomic particles in an ion?

Any ion contain atoms and these atoms contain subatomic particles.

Which ion do all acids contain?

A proton, H+ ion.

What ion do all alkalis contain?

OH- (hydroxide ion)

What cells in animal body contain sodium ion?

almost all but some cell does not contain sodium ion.

How is acid and base a different meaning?

An acid contain the ion H+ or (COOH)+ and a base contain the ion (OH)-.

What is the difference between polyatomic ion to a monoatomic ion?

Monoatomic ion: contain only one element; ex.: H+, Cl- Polyatomic ion: contain more than one element; ex.: SO42-

How do you define poliatomic ion?

A poliatomic ion contain two or more elements; for example (SO4)2 - contain oxygen and sulfur.

An acid solution would contain?

both the hydroxyl ion and the hydronium ion

Does sodium sulfite contain polyatomic ion?

Yes: A sulfite ion is polyatomic.

Does Pb4O3 contain Lead Iv ion?

Yes it contains the lead (IV) ion.

What are acid base and salts?

Acids contain the ion H+ or (-COOH)-. Bases contain the ion OH-. Salts are the products of an acid/base reaction; they contain the cation from the base and the anion from the acid.

Are there any metal elements in salt?

All inorganic salts are composed of a metal ion (or an ammonium ion) and an acid radical ion. Table salt for example is composed of a sodium ion and a chlorine ion (the radical ion of hydrochloric acid).Organic salts (called esters) may or may not contain a metal ion. Organic salts that do not contain a metal ion, its role is taken by an alkaloid radical ion.

Is potassium peroxide a polyatomic ion?

First of all potassium peroxide is not an ion, it is an ionic compound. However, it does contain a polyatomic ion: the peroxide ion which is O22-

What are 2 polyatomic ions that contain nitrogen?

The ammonium ion, NH4+, and the nitrate ion, NO3-.

Is a proton different than a positive ion?

Yes it is different. Ion contain more protons.

What does all acids contain?

All acids contain at least one hydrogen ion.

Why all acids contain H ions?

examples of acids which do not contain H ion

What do all sulfate minerals contain?

The SO4 ion.

What describes an acid?

An acid contain the ion H+.

How many protons does lithium ion contain?


Is milk of magnesia a polyatomic ion?

No , it is a compound with the formula Mg(OH)2 However, it does contain the hydroxide ion (OH-) which is a polyatomic ion