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Oil pressure light has almost nothing to do with with the amount of oil in the crankcase. Oil pressure is affected by just a couple things, does the oil pump work, is the pickup screen blocked, have the main and/or rod bearings worn out and does the pressure bypass still work? Rod and main bearings are quite simple, they consist of a hardened crankshaft with carefully turned and polished contact surfaces and rod and main bearings which fit tightly to the crankshaft with no more than two thousandths of an inch clearance when the bearings are new. The contact surface of the bearing is made of a very soft metal called "babbit". Oil pressur keeps the babbit bearing surface from actually coming in contact with the crankshaft surface. If the babbit has worn and the bearing surface has worn to the point that the clearance has significantly increased, the oil will leak past the bearings and the pump will not be able to pump enough oil volume to keep the pressure up. In short, low oil pressure is one of the main indicators that an engine is worn out.

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Q: What does an oil light coming on mean when the oil is full?
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How do you solve oil sensor problem if it is not coming on when you are driving?

If the engine oil level is at the full mark, the light is not suppose to come on when driving.

What does it mean if the oil light comes on and the oil is full in a vauxhall frontera?

If the oil light only comes on when the engine is hot and on idle look at your oil pressure gauge to see if the needle is going down to the low end of the scale if so give it a service and make sure you use 10w 40oil reccomended for frontera and you can put in slick50 or other engine oil additive this will increase your oil pressure and stop the light coming on

What does it mean when your oil light keeps coming on periodically in your 2001 300m?

Can be the level is low or the sensor is going back.

What does the Chevy 6500 diesel oilwrench dahboard warning light mean if the oil is full and pressure seems ok?

The warning light can come on when it is time to change the oil. Your oil pressure and oil level can be at recommended levels when the oil needs to be changed.

Why does the change oil light come on in your 2001 grand am se when the oil is full?

If it it a change oil light it is telling you it is time to change the oil. There should be another light that is the oil pressure light.

Why is the oil light coming on in my 1999 Chevy Cavalier when I stop at a redlight and the engine is warm the oil is full?

Low oil pressure. Bearing clearences are most likely to large. New or rebuilt engine time!

Why does the oil light come on after coming to a stop in a downhill position and then the check engine light comes on and the oil light goes off?

Low oil or a faulty oil level senser

Why does the oil light keeps coming on?

Low oil pressure of a faulty oil pressure sending unit.

What does it mean when the oil light comes on in a geo prism?

It means you have low oil pressure. Notice the light is red. Red means stop driving the car until this is repaired. Check the oil level and if it is full seek professional help.

What does it mean if the oil pressure warning light appears?

If the oil pressure warning light came on, it may mean that you have an oil leak. It can also mean that the sensor is bad.

What is the full form of LDO?

light diesel oil

What does the can with a drip coming from it mean on the indicator lights on a 02 Mercedes ml320?

The can with a drip is the oil indicator. If the light comes on, check the oil level (well, you should check the oil at least once a week).

What does orange oil light mean?

The light means your Oil needs Attention/Inspect oil level.

How many quarts of oil to put in Honda if oil light and engine light is on?

Put enough in to reach the full mark on the dipstick. If the oil light is on you either have a leak or the engine is burning oil.

What causes your oil light to pop on And itz full of oil?

Low oil pressure. Such as a bad oil pump.

How do you reset the check oil indicator on a 2001 Monte Carlos?

Your question is too vague. If you are talking about the Change Engine Oil warning, you have to read your owners manual and use the radio volume button to reset the engine oil life after you change your oil. A check oil light could mean you are low on oil. Fill up to 'full' line on dipstick and the light should go out. If you are sure the oil is Full and the light doesn't go off, there must be a sensor that senses the oil level is low.

What does the oil can warning light mean on a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta mean?

no oil or low oil pressure

How do you reset the oil light on a 1999 Dodge Neon?

You do not reset an oil light. If the light is on, then you have low oil pressure. It will go out when the oil pressure is sufficent. Check the oil level. If it is full, then you have a problem an should seek professional help. Do not drive this vehicle with the light on.

Oil is disappearing with no leaks and oil light keeps coming on car is a 1997 geo metro?

If the car does not smoke badly this may mean you are using the wrong weight motor oil. Use the proper weight oil that a dealer will recommend.

Why does the oil light keep coming on my f150 even if its full?

Defective oil pressure sending unit or the oil pump is weak. Replace the oil pressure sending unit and if the problem persists seek professional help and have an oil pressure test run. Make sure you are not overfilling the crankcase.

Why is my Check engine light turned on and smoke coming from oil filler cap?

check your oil level?

Why does my oil light keep coming on Jeep Liberty?

You may need to check the oil, or have the jeep serviced.

What does the orange oil light mean?

needs engine oil ...

What does it mean when Maintenance light flashes 6 times after starting 2006 Toyota highlander?

The time for your next oil change is coming very near.

What does the red oil light mean?

The red oil light means you car is low on oil, or there is a problem and should be checked.