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What does beneficially owned mean?

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AnswerWhen changes to shareholders are notified to ASIC on the Form 484, the question 'beneficially owned?' must be answered. This question is asking whether the shares are owned by this shareholder or are held in trust by this person for the benefit of another party. If the shares are not held in trust, the shares are beneficially owned by the shareholder. If the shares are held in trust for another party, the shares are not beneficially owned by the shareholder. Occasionally shares may be held in trust and change back to being beneficially owned, or alternatively, may originally be beneficially owned and change to being held in trust. If a change to this beneficial owner status takes place, this must be notified to ASIC on the Form 484 within 28 days of the change.
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What is the mean of prefixes for beneficial?


What other words mean effectively?


What part of speech is the word beneficially?

Beneficially is an adverb (a word that modifies a verb). "She acted on our behalf." "She acted beneficially on our behalf." "Beneficially" modifies how she acted.

What is the adverb for benefit?


Is beneficial an adverb?

No, it is an adjective. The adverb form is beneficially.

What is adverb of benefit?

Beneficially, beneficently

What is an adverb form of benefit?


Adverb of benefits?

The noun benefit is the root word of the adverb beneficially. An example of this word used in a sentence might be, "The medication effected his headache beneficially."

How do volcanoes beneficially effect man?

destroy crops and kill animal

What does owned mean?

owned means when you beat someone at something like a game

What is the adverb form of beneficial?

Beneficially... (with adjectives all you may have to do is add -LY)

What is an adjective and an adverb of benefit?

An adjective of benefit is beneficial.An adverb of benefit is beneficially.

Is there a black owned cruise line or ships?

There are probably no Black controlled major cruise lines. However, Blacks own shares of major cruise lines both directly and beneficially. The extent of ownership can't be known because it is illegal to collect such information

What does it mean for rent broker owned?

It just means that the place that is for rent is owned by a real estate broker. They have to tell you that it is broker owned.

What does Australian owned mean?

When a company say's "australian owned," it means the company is owned by australians. the same goes for food and leisure.

What does Corporate owned property mean?

a corporate owed home is owned by a corporation to help relocation of employees.

Is Kroger and kings super the same thing?

If you mean King Soopers, then yes, it is owned by the Kroger Co. If you mean King's super markets, then no it is not owned by Kroger

What is the adverb of benefits?

The adverb of benefit is beneficially. The adjective is beneficial and the noun is beneficialness. Benefits is noun and has no adverb.

Which vitamin in skin?

There are many types of vitamins that are beneficially to the skin. Vitamin A is found in healthy, soft skin.

What country is not owned by a continent?

Every country belongs to a continent. Perhaps you mean which continent is not owned by a country, in which case the answer is Antarctica.

Are all of a company's stocks owned?

no they are not I mean look at walmart

How old was Bill Gates when he owned windows?

you mean microsoft?

What deos colony mean?

A place that is owned by another country

What does it mean to have a capitalistic country?

that there are private companies owned by people, and not the government.

What does second hand mean?

Previously owned Or sweep hand on a clock