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The French word ennuyeux means annoying, troublesome, boring or dull. It is related to the word ennui, which in French means annoyance or nuisance but in English it exclusively means boredom or lack of interest. Thus the sentence "C'est ennuyeux" could mean "It's annoying" or "It's boring"

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It could be boring or annoying or both, depending on the context.

The adjective "boring" is ennuyeux. So "you are boring" is Tu est ennuyeux (informal) or vous êtes ennuyeux(formal).Because of the spelling, this would be the same for speaking to a man, woman, or multiple people.

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ennuyeux (masculine) or ennuyeuse (feminine) (pronounced on-we-yer/ on-we -yers) eg un homme ennuyeux ou une femme ennuyeuse

Roughly " That's life" in English, "Asi es la vida" in Spanish.