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it means geography in German

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Q: What does erdkunde mean in English?
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What is erdkunde in English?

erdkunde is geography!

What is a writer of erdkunde?

ERDKUNDE is Germany for Geography...... Possibly a person who writes about Geography?

When was Gesellschaft fΓΌr Erdkunde zu Berlin created?

Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin was created in 1828.

What has the author Ambros Brucker written?

Ambros Brucker has written: 'Begegnungen - Geschichte, Sozialkunde, Erdkunde, Bd.5, 5. Jahrgangsstufe' 'Begegnungen - Geschichte, Sozialkunde, Erdkunde, Bd.8, 8. Jahrgangsstufe'

What is the German word for geography?

Geography = GeografieGeography class in school is called Erdkunde (literally translated = earth-lore).

How do you say geography in German?

It's Geographie or Geografie. [geograf'i]Although Geografie is correct, it is of Greek origin. The German word is Erdkunde

What is geography in German?

"Geoinformationssysteme," "Geographische Informationssysteme," or "Räumliche Informationssysteme" may be German equivalents of "geographic information system."

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