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nothing they were not in any way in the genocide of darfur nothing they were not in any way in the genocide of darfur

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Q: What does eritrea have to do with the darfur genocide?
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What killed people in the darfur genocide?

the janjaweed killed the people in the darfur genocide.

How did darfur show genocide?

Darfur didn't show genocide, Darfur faced the brutality of the genocide. It was imposed on the people of Darfur, Sudan by Umar Al Bashar, Janjaweed and the ethnic Sudanese Arabs

Is darfur an example of genocide?

Yes, its a genocide

Where did the Darfur genocide take place?

At Darfur, Sudan

When was the last genocide?


Where is the Darfur genocide happening?

the darfur genocide is occurring in the western region of the country of Sudan along the border with chad.

What were the reults of the genocide in Darfur?

The result of the Genocide in Darfur are very bad. Women and children have been raped and abuse.

What region did the darfur genocide happen?

The Darfur genocide took place in the region of Africa and the country is called Sudan.

Where does genocide occur in the world today?

Genocide is occurring in Darfur.

What are some differences between rwanda's genocide and darfur sudan's genocide?

Rwandas genocide was only against a particular religion Darfur genocide was against everyone who had crops, pots. ect.

Who is being held responsible for the genocide in Darfur?

The war in Darfur is not a genocide. The government and rebel groups are responsible for the mass killings.

Whats happening in darfur?


Is the War in Darfur a genocide?


Where did genocide happen in Sudan?

in Darfur

Where did the Sudan genocide occur?

In Darfur

What was the effect of diversity in Darfur?


What is the most recent genocide?

Darfur. The genocide is still going on now.

Whose getting killed the Darfur genocide?

mostly innocent Darfur public

Who were the Janjaweed attacking in the Genocide of Darfur?

The Janjaweed were attacking the Africans of Sudan (South Darfur)

When did genocide in Darfur begin?

Feb 2003

How many casualties in darfur genocide?


Who are the people involved in the Darfur genocide?


Where has genocide been practiced in the world?

A big issue worldwide on genocide is located in darfur.

Who died during the darfur genocide?

Mostly the innocent people of Darfur. People in Darfur either cultivated their lands or raised cattles.

How many children died from the genocide in Darfur?


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