What does four score mean?

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a score is equal to twenty, so four score is 80

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Q: What does four score mean?
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Related questions

What does four score mean in the bible?

A 'score' is twenty - so four score = 80.

What did Lincoln mean by fourscore?

Four score is a number. A score is twenty, as a dozen is twelve. Four score is 80.

What does' four score and seven years' mean?

A "score" is twenty years, so four score and seven is a total of 87 years

What does four score and ten mean?

FOUR SCORE AND TEN = 90. A score is 20 therefore 4 score is 4 x 20 =80 + 10 = 90

What does four score mean in the Gettysburg address?

A score is twenty years, so 4 score is 80 years and 'four score and seven' means 87 years.

If four pupils worked out that their mean score in a test was 67. When Anna joined the other four pupils their mean score went up to 73. What was Anna's score in the test?


What does Four score in the 65 in the past mean?

Four Score = 20 x 4 = 80 + 65 = 145 years in the past.

What does score mean at the end of a number?

A score is equal to twenty. "Four score and seven years" is eighty-seven years.

What does fourscore and ten mean?

One of the definitions of 'score' is an amount of 20. 'Four score and ten' would mean something in an amount of 90.

What does 4 score mean?

This has been asked and answered before. Four score is 80. A score is twenty. 4 score means 4x20, as score means a measurement of 20.

Who said four score and ten years ago?

If you mean four score and seven years ago, it was said by Abraham Lincoln, the first words from his Gettysburg Address.

What does fourscore and five mean?

A "score" of years is 20 years, so four score = 4X20=80+5=85.

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