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What does greek latin root imag mean?


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its actually latin. the latin root imag means likeness.

EX; imagine, imagination


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ism means in Greek and Latin root word "the state or theory of"

The root mem is not greek, but latin. It means 'mind'.

Ring - from the Greek root kirkos - a circle.

There is no Latin or Greek root for bio. Bios, in Greek, is life.

The root "cardio-" is Greek, from the word kardia, "heart".

That is a trick question because the root phone is a greek AND a latin root.

The root socio- is ultimately from the Latin adjective socius, which means "associated, allied."

it is greek, actually. it means "distant."

There is no Greek root vit-. It is a Latin root.

Speir- is the Greek root for 'spirea'. Derivatives are the Greek noun 'speira' and the later Latin noun 'spira'. Both the Greek and the Latin derivatives mean 'coil, twist'. Another Greek derivative of the original Greek root is the noun 'speirema', which means 'convolution'.

The word string is a latin root.

It doesnt have a greek root, its latin sol

Latin mater and Greek mētēr

"Extra" literally means "out of". From this Latin word is derived "extract".

in greek is επανασυνεδριάζω. It doesnt have a greek root, i think is latin

It isn't Greek, it's Latin and it means "work" (labor).

in greek path or way, in latin hatred

canis is a Latin word, meaning "dog"

The root that means 'severe' is from the ancient, classical Greek and Latin languages. That root is auster- in Latin, and austeros in Greek. From that root derive the Latin adjective 'austerus', which means 'severe'; and the Latin noun 'austeritas', which means 'severeness, severity'.

Someone answered: It doesn't have a Greek root, and it doesn't mean anything in Greek. Even though it may not have a Greek "root," it comes from the Latin: Laurentius, meaning "laurelled" and the Greek equivalent is Λαυρέντιος (Laurentios).

The root super means above.

the root word is [latin or greek] archeo

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