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What does it mean if a male friend tells you he has some inappropriate attraction and feelings for you but does not know to what extent or how deeply?

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2006-08-31 18:02:29

Having been a 'guy friend' to many female friends, I can share

from my perspective and experience. Some possibilities are; the guy

friend is one who has been interested in you both physically &

mentally which can be cause for confusion of emotions. He doesn't

know to what extent or how deeply because currently there are a lot

of unanswered questions due to the fact that he doesn't really know

you intimately. Now that he knows you are now 'somewhat single'

he's becoming bolder in sharing his thoughts. Another possibility

is that he might be a very compassionate individual who truly wants

to be there for you as you go down your difficult road of being

separated and is caught up in his feelings of compassion and his

liking you. ==Thank You== I'm glad you answered before someone

changed the question format. Putting that I'm married but separated

changed the context of what he might mean by "innapropriate

attraction" ...thank you for your imput because it's very helpful.

The latter part of your answer was what I suspected before he ever

said that specifically. He would say "maybe I like you too much"

but I always took that as he just had a lot of concern for me for a

single guy towards a married woman. But this leads me to wonder if

he means in a romantic sense. This answer also came after I

confessed having feelings for him that I didn't know what to do

with. Thanks again for your time.

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