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If the women are following you around, you need to be careful. They are stalking you.

2006-07-24 00:25:28
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What do most women do about their man if he is caught looking at other women in public?

Chill out, looking is allowed.

Is looking at other women in your presence cheating?

Men are going to look at other women, even in the pressence of the woman they are with. Looking is not cheating.

What do most women do about their man when he is caught looking at other women in public?

slap him i guess

Are Brazilian women considered to be the best looking?

Some may consider Brazilian women to be the best looking, but others consider other women to be the best looking. Most consider how good women look based on the individual woman rather than their nationality.

How do women feel about men looking at other women?

hurt if they like the man but personally I don't care

Are there any single chat rooms for women around 50 looking for men?

Yes, there are single chat rooms for women around 50 looking for men. You can find these on AIM and on online dating sites, such as and

What can a women can learn from men?

Well to be honest I think its the other way around :L WOMEN TEACH MEN NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND !!!

what do you do if your husband is looking at other women on websites like justhookup and lies and says he doesnt but you found out he has a profile to look at other women?

If your husband is looking at other women, counseling needs to be established. If he is making profiles on dating sites, this might mean that your relationship is lacking something he needs.

Why are women in relationships not interested in looking at other men?

I would believe most women in a relationship have love for the other person and would not want to look else where. Why would a person be in a relationship and still look around? Seems to me that type of person would be in the wrong relationship.

Wife looking at other men?

As long as it's just looking, there's no more or less harm if a wife looks at other men than if a husband looks at other women.

What do you say to a guy that thinks another girl is hot?

Tell him it upsets you that hes looking at other women, There is no way to make him STOP thinking this other girl is attractive, but if he's mentioning this then let him know your upset with the fact that he mentions it, and if you see him looking at other women, let him know it upsets you that he looks at other women when hes with you (i assume your dating)

How do you stop your boyfriend looking at other women?

you also start looking at other men and make sure that he sees you doing it that will make him think twice b4 he does it again

Why do females wear black thread around their ankle?

Women wear black thread because they think it attracts other men but my question is why are you looking at there ankles you pervert your welcome

Does looking at other women ultimately lead to cheating?

No, not particularily, but don't linger on your glance & fantisize--you can't help looking--but don't dwell on it.

Why do men not tell other women they have a girlfriend?

so the other women will be nicer to them ANSWER: I think not all men, but for some they will never admit it because they are looking for some fun. And for some, they want to impress women that show interest in them..

Why is a female like to sleep around while she has a boyfriend?

not all women do. some women sleep around when they have a boyfriend to get something that her boyfriend isn't providing her. it could also mean that she's not looking for a serious relationship.

Why can't I stop looking at other women when I am in love with the woman im dating?

maybe your not really in love with her

Why do i keep dreming about my boyfriend seeing someone?

why do i keep dreaming about my boyfriend seeing someone You are either insecure (like most of us) and afraid he is looking at/seeing other women, or he is actually looking at/seeing other women and you don't condone it, but don't do anything about it either. How's that?

How do you stop yourself from looking into other women?

Try to see your current gfriend/wife with fresh eyes everyday. Try to find something new that you like, if you do this you won't need to look at other women.

You cant stop looking for other women after suspecting your girlfriend of being monogamous?

You suspect your girlfriend is being monogamous... Which means she *is* being faithful, just so you know. I would suggest talking to her, and let her understand that you can't stop looking at other women. Now, if you mean that you suspect that she *isn't* monogamous... then I would still talk to her. Don't accuse her of anything, but try to get to the bottom of it. No one likes having fingers pointed at them. Now, you're looking at other women, even though you only suspect her of having cheated... I'd stop looking for other women. Just - stop. If she's cheated on you, decide if you want to stay with her or to leave her. If you stay, don't cheat. If you don't stay, then go ahead and look for other women AFTER you break up.

Do American women wear bras?

Some do, some don't. They are all different as all the other women around the world.

What is it when you are fearful of your husband looking at other women?

Low self-esteem, perhaps combined with justified suspicion, perhaps not.

What of the following women was one of the organizers of the women's rights convention held in Seneca Falls New York in 1848?

You need to answer this question because we don’t have the list of women nor do we do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills.

Are more men usaully hired over women?

No, it's usually the other way around. Women get hired over men

Why does a man continue to look for woman on date sites when he says he wants to move in with the woman he loves?

He may be having cold feet about moving in with her and panicing, so starts looking for other women.Or he may simply not love the woman he is moving in with.He may have an addiction to pornography and likes to look for other "real" women, instead of Pornstars.There could be one of a thousand reasons why he is looking. But one thing is for certain:If he is looking for other women, he shouldnot be moving in with someone.The issue needs to be addressed before something bad happens.