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If by charging system you mean battery light then check your battery. It might be dying (or dead). Chances are your car is low on power. Either check and refill the battery with electrolyte (distilled water) or buy a new one. Also, your alternator could be dying. Check that with a test light or a voltmeter.

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Q: What does it mean if the charging system light in a 1998 Dodge Neon with 89K came on and can you drive it?
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How do you know when you need a new alternator in a 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

It stops charging the battery and the charging system light comes on. Drive to the nearest auto parts store and they will check the system for free.

Why is your battery light on Dodge Intrepid?

Charging system failure:::,check alt.voltage regulator is inside engine controller

Is there a reset for the battery light on a 2000 Ford Windstar battery and charging system check ok?

There is no reset for the charging light. If it is on, then something is wrong. Drive the car to your local auto parts store and have the system checked.

How do you fix the generator warning light?

the generator warning light - it indicates malfunction in charging system. The light should go off once the engines started, if it comes on while driving, the generator drive belt and the charging system needs checked.

Why is the battery light on on your 1994 Chevy s10 pickup?

The light is telling you that there is a problem with the charging system. You are running off the battery and will eventually get stuck with a dead battery if you continue to drive that vehicle with the battery light on. Drive to your local auto parts store and they will test the charging system for you at no cost. You are probably in need of an alternator.

How do I turn off the Battery light on Chevy uplander?

Repair the problem with the charging system causing the light to come on.Repair the problem with the charging system causing the light to come on.

What is the gen light on a 1997 dodge ram?

It is an indicator that the alternator is not charging.

What is the battery light on for on your Chevy Astro?

The battery light comes on when the charging system voltage drops below 12V. If your light is on all the time, have your charging system checked because it probably is not charging the sytem.

1999 Ford Expedition battery light on?

The battery light indicates the system is not charging. Have the charging system checked. If the alternator is not charging, the engine will quit running and leave you stranded.

Why does your battery light stay on in your 1982 Toyota starlet?

It is not a batter light, it is a charging system light. It is on because there is a problem with the charging system. Most likely a defective alternator.

Why is generator light on in my 1996 dodge ram?

The alternator is over/under charging.

Charging light is on what does this mean?

Your charging system is not working and your running off the battery only. If you continue to drive you will find yourself broke down on the side of the road soon. Get to a garage asap.

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