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You may have a yeast infection or an STI. A yeast infection would also show as an increased amount of white discharge, itchiness and burning.


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What does it mean when your Vagina is red on the inside and itchy

the inside of her vagina

true! Yes! it is true If you put ear wax on your finger and insert it inside of a females vagina and if it burns her then yes she has a type of STD, but if does burn and you have her records I don't know what to you tell but DON'T DO IT man she got a monster vagina even if you do use a condom don't do it!!

Sounds like you have a infection. See a doctor.

If you mean the dot thing inside the anterior wall of the vagina, that is called the "G" spot.

inserting your tongue inside a female's vagina ._.

It means that she is very sensitive in that place, probably a virgin, and that you probably should not be putting earwax in a woman's vagina.

It means you may have a yeast infection and you should talk to a docter.

AnswerYou have found the vagina if you are inside the woman.

i wouldn't say its alrite bcz it burns...but i don't see why it would be a bad thing.

I have two pimple like bumps on my vagina ine on the out side that doesnt itch or burn or anything but the one on the inside burns when i

it means he wants to have sex with you.... like "get inside of you" as in get his penis inserted in your vagina...

No, sperm can only swim inside the vagina.

does a woman vagina have two lumps on the inside

No, fleas can't live inside the vagina because there isn't enough oxygen and the PH level of the vagina is deadly to them.

Every time males and females have sex the penis and the vagina make friction that the penis makes cuts inside the vagina, though not serious cuts. that's why when you pee it feels as its burning. my advice is lubrication or more foreplay so your vagina can make its on lubrication.

From an outside source such as lake or pool water, it is only unhealthy if it stays inside the vagina. If unclean water does get inside the vagina, it is best to rinse it out in the shower.

To ejaculated inside your vagina, butt or mouth.

Tiny "bulb" outside the vagina at the top of the labia = clitoris. Large "bulb" deep inside the vagina = cervix.

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