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Your ignition module may be out. Or your distributor is out. What kind of vehicle?

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Q: What does it mean if you are not getting fire to the spark plugs?
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95 crown vic no fire?

I would hope not!I guess that you mean no spark at the plugs. Then if so, check the coil pak's.

What does it mean when no fire is getting to your wires and plugs on a 88 rx7 non-turbo?

Do you mean you have no spark?? if so, start with looking at the coil packs usually these are the main reason for no spark, if your coil packs are good then work your way backwards with the electrical system. posible ecu fault

When do you need to change the spark pugs?

you mean plugs?

No fire going into distributor on 92 Geo Tracker?

Fire doesn't go into a distributer.i think you mean?I have no spark to the spark i tested for spark to the Distributor. and it was bad.dead coil is the best way to say this.the ECU makes spark.http://www.kick-fix.comyour answer is here ,under NO START.

How many spark plugs you need for Mitsubishi Galant 2001?

Most had a V-6 under the hod, which would mean 6 spark plugs.

Why on a 95 dodge neon would there not be any fire even after its jumped?

Not sure what you mean by "fire". If you mean it won't turn over, or you hear a clicking noise, check your battery cables and starter. If you mean you aren't getting any spark to the plugs, check your coil pack and the wire harness attached to it. Also check fuse 21 under the hood.

Why is your 1998 golf GTI only running on 3 spark plugs instead of 4?

If you mean it is only running on 3 cylinders, you should check your spark plugs, spark plug wires and the distributor.

What wrong when car not getting no fire?

Nothing, cars are not suppose to be on fire. Not getting no fire is a double negative. What you are really saying is that you have fire. Assuming you mean the car has no fire (no spark) it could be from many things. We need to know the year, make, model and engine info to help you.

On a 1999 Kia Spectra what do wet sparkplugs usually mean?

Your "wet" Sparkplugs mean the you are getting to much fuel To your spark plugs and the your gap of the spark plug it too small and the spark plug ain't firing it is like when you pull and pull on a lawn mower and it don't start well you flooded it same thing with a car too much fuel to the spark plugs don't you mean sephia!. anyway ill bet its oil leaking from the valve cover

How do you adjust the spark plugs of a 1998 Ford Windstar 3.0 V6?

Do you mean re-gap the plugs? Get a spark plug gapper, and set the gap to between .052-.056.

Spark plugs black on half the motor?

That'd usually mean that it's either running richer on that half, or that those cylinders are getting oil into the combustion chamber.

What does it mean if a ford explorer doesn't have fire in the spark plug?

spark module is bad

What do you check when your not getting any spark on a 1984 Ford Ranger?

Assuming you mean no spark at the spark plugs; check for spark at the coil - if you have spark, then remove the distributor cap and check the rotor and contacts for corrosion. If you don't have spark at the coil, then either the coil is bad or you have a broken wire in the system. (Coils seldom go bad but there is always that possibility). Hope this helps.

Where are the rear spark plugs in a 2003 dodge ram?

rear spark plugs? there are 8 in a 4.7 6 in a 3.7 and 16 in a hemi what do you mean rear what model ram 1500 2500 3500?

How do you get to the spark plugs on rover 400?

You must open the hood. Then locate the engine. Feel the side of the engine; Is it soft to the touch? Rub it and whisper that you mean it no harm. The spark plugs will then fall out under it.

What it mean when your spark plug are loose?

possibily its the wrong plugs could be hitting the pistons

What does code p1399 mean for a 1997 Honda Accord?

This is a Honda only code which means you have a random cylinder misfire. If you have not replaced the Spark Plugs & Wires, do so now. Use OEM spark plugs.

How do you replace glow plugs in Mazda b series truck?

B series trucks do not have glow plugs, they are gas engines glow plugs are used only on diesel engines. You mean to say spark plugs. Simply unplug the plug and install a spark plug socket and loosen with a wrench

What if your spark plugs was crossed up?

If you mean, what if your spark plug wires were crossed up, the engine would run terrible if it ran at all.

What does it mean when you change your spark plugs and there is oil on them?

Bad piston rings or valves not seating properly.

How do you space the spark plugs?

you must mean seting the right gap on each spark plug get gadge at any parts store and set to manufactures spec

Why would your spark plugs get wet and car stall?

"Wet" Spark PlugsThe cause of "wet" spark plugs, ignition wiring, and engine stalling depends on what you mean by wet.Your use of the terms wet AND stall suggest that you mean water on the outside of the plugs and on the spark plug wires.If you are talking about external wetness with water, then the cause is usually one of two things:Water from a wet roadway has splashed "up" into the engine compartment and caused the plugs and ignition wiring to be wet, orA combination of temperature and humidity in the atmosphere has resulted in condensation of water vapor on the plugs and wires.In either case, the result is misfiring, rough running, and in the worst case scenario, even stalling.IF on the other hand, by wet you mean liquid fouling of the spark plug terminals inside the engine, this is usually caused by one of two other things:Too much fuel getting to the cylinders, orCrankcase oil leaking into the cylinders, caused by worn or broken piston oil rings.

What is the cap roader for a Jeep Wrangler 1994 for?

I think you mean cap and rotor, those are ignition parts, the distributor cap sends the spark out to the plugs, it has wires leading from the top to the spark plugs, the rotor goes inside the cap, and rotates around delivering the spark to the wires in a timed sequence.

What does it mean if your speedmeter doesnt work?

you need a new one or you have some electrical problems... check the spark plugs

Are there regular plugs in the 2004 dodge status 4-cylinder?

If you mean spark plugs, yes there are. Follor the plug wires to the engine side of the wire. You'll find them there.