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What does it mean if you think a guy likes you but he tells your best friend he only likes you as a friend?


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It means he doesn't like you romantically.

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it depends if he tells you that he likes your friend first but if he dating your best friend just tell him no if he ask you out

The guy you like either likes you or does not, best to ask him if he returns your feelings.

If your boy best friend dose not like talking about your boy friend and gets jealous, or if you ask him for advise for making a move (for instance kissing him) and he tells you not to, that is an obvious sign he likes you.

I Think She Likes Her Best Friend (Abigail) And Her Family Best. TAYLOR SWIFT RULEZ!!!! i think she likes to sing

It means she wants to make you her best friend, which can mean she likes you .. MAYBE ..

heyy. my name is darian, and this has happened to me a lottt. lol but you just have to flirt as much as you can. and it could happen:)

If you don't like her back say so. Also if you don't think you are more handsome than the guy and you never really thought about going out with that friend just drop it. I you like her back try to steal her from him.

Ask if you like him for him, or like him because your best friend likes him - then either ask him out, or do not.

Well I think that if you guys are best friends you should respect each other's decision wether you both like the same person. If you told your best friend that you liked him and than she told you she likes him too I think its up to him to chose which one he likes and no offense but it might even be neither of you...its up to him. Just don't fight with your best friend because if you do and the guy likes her more than he likes you...than you just lost your best friend for a guy.

Nothing should come betwenn friendship. You need to talk to him/her and sort out what is going on. A crush is nothing to fight over.

Ask your friend if she's seen your crush staring at her or something like that...this next suggestion is terrible, but maybe you should ask him if he likes her....?

well first do you like that friend? if not then ignore her, well if you think she does then ask her out if not then do not ask her out, you should flirt with her too.

Since you guys are friends, just ask him and her, or just tell someoneelse to ask your friend.

Well......I think you should ask your friend if it's okay.

just try not to think about it and be happy for your friend. its not her fault she likes this guy.

I would have to say he has a girlfriend because he wants to get over you. maybe because he is scared or in fear to lose you as a friend

You tell him that your best friend likes him too,and tell yo best friend to ignore him he'll eventually love you

ask your best friend if he likes him and if she doesnt than wait for him to get over it and he'll realize he likes you

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