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Are you sure that she got the e-mail. I know tons of times when my family has said that they have sent me and e-mail and I did not get it and they had to resend it.

2006-08-14 13:53:12
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What is a premium fantage account you can give me for a girl and ill email you a girl just tell me your email?

sorry but no way

What do you do when a girl gives you her email what is the next step?

Email her :) Just send her a short email like "Hey, just wanted to say hi and see whats up!"

Why do guys email versus asking a girl out?

Because some guys are shy and can express themselves through email (don't have to feel self conscious.) Just ask him out yourself if you are interested in him.

Meaning of email pitches in marketing?

A pitch is a term used to sell a product, idea or concept. Pitches in email marketing are basically emails that just sell. The key to email marketing is to build a relationship as constant pitches will be ignored.

What to say to the girl whose dating your friend?

nothing just act normal but if your interested in this girl then just try to stay away from them and ignored them when they do their boyfriend girlfriend staff i agree with that person ^^^^

A guy acts like he may like me but when I told him in an email that I liked him he just ignored it and answered my other part of the email does it mean he doesn't like me?

It might mean he does like you, but he just might be shy. Ask him in an e-mail solely about that.

Why a guy don't reply girls email?

I think it would be childish to say that guys in general do not reply to an email just because it comes from a girl. However, it is a possibility that the guy is either shy or wants nothing to do with the girl and does not know how to effectively communicate this in an other way.

What do you do when you forgot your email address for zwinky?

that is just great no its pythetic because then you will forget your own email :)(:

What should you do after you ignored a girl today and now you feel badly about your behavior?

just try to be much nicer tomorrow and listen to what she has to say

If a girl ignores you altogether could she still like you?

Knowing from personal experience when I ignored a guy I didn't like him at all. But if you think that she is just playing hard to get, just talk to her.

How can a guy impress the girl he has a crush on?

well just tell the girl you like her dont be mean to her tell me your name by email.

Why was the detection of Japanese plains ignored?

because radar was a new technology and when they spotted the airplanes on radar they thought it was just a malfunction.

Why a girl reject the intercourse?

It can be because she just doesn't want to or because the guys penis is to small for the girl

Who are y ou?

I am a girl. Just an ordinary girl. Sometimes I'm crazy, sometimes I'm bored, I have feelings, y'know? I feel scared and and I feel ignored. But, that's life, you know? And sometimes, just sometimes, I have a gay sexy party and invite all my friends! But that is the life of an avrage girl.

How do you email someone on Twitter?

theres no way to directly email them unless they have their email listed in their bio. if they are following u just DM them because most likely they have it set to get DM notifications to their email.

What do you do when your boyfriend kisses a girl he just met? break up with him because he just kissed a girl that's not you!

How do you ask a girl for her email?

You don't, that's lame. You ask a girl for her number. You ask her if she wants to hang out some time or if she wants to do whatever you're asking her to do with you. Then you exchange numbers. Asking for an email address is just super lame, you probably learned that from a dating guide or something. Well, let it go, because it's a lame thing to do.

How do you get a girl to email you she has your email you told her to email you when she can and reminded her once what should you do you don't want to sound despreate or things like that?

just wait it out and let her be. being pushy and sounding desperate can really turn a girl off. Keep talking to her and being a friend and when she's ready to email you she will! and dont get too disappointed if it takes a long time

Is there a website for American Girl to answer your questions?

you can email them on their website by going to the link under Related Links (below). Just make sure you put your email address so they answer you back.

What is Peach Girl about?

a girl who is treated differently just because she is tanned but then gets a boyfriend

Why cant a girl just ask a guy out?

because it makes the girl look desbret

What can I write in a email to a girl so she can fall for me How do you express my feelings through email to her lol?

Don't email her, it shows that you're shy and it isn't as meaningful. Girls love confident guys, just tell her in person and there will be a better outcome.

What do you write in an email to a girl you just met?

In an email to a girl you just met. . .be casual. Just ask how she's doing, the weather,sports, friends, school(maybe), you can talk about anything. I talk to my guyfriends about alot of stupid stuff. Lyk what if our big toe could cry, or why are strangers so strange, or we evn talk about wat if the earth was a cube.

How do you watch or download any movie without entering my email address because i don't have any email address?

If you can get on the internet you can get an email address just open a yahoo acount they are free.

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Animals can move out because of your town state E.g Loads of weeds, If there ignored they move out and if your rude to them, Some just because i guess it's time to move?