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What does it mean if you took an ovulation test and one line was light and one was dark?


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Instructions for a First Response ovulation test

LH Surge. Two lines are visible and the color and intensity of the test line is similar to or darker than the reference line. you should ovulate within the next 24-36 hours.

No LH Surge. two lines are visible but the test line is lighter than the reference line or there is a reference line and no visible test line. you should continue to test daily until the reference line and testing line have the same color intensity or the test line is darker than the reference line.


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an ovulation predictor kit will turn positive when a woman is pregnant. Positive means the test line is darker than or the same as the reference line, so a light test line does NOT mean a positive pregnancy test like it does if using an actual home pregnancy test!

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If you are having light pink dis charge 10 days after ovulation, it is usually a sign that the egg is implanting itself to the wall.

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In the beginning, God separated light from the dark, which is the dark night sky from the light blue sky.

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For me it was the first test I took of 3 and it was a positive. If you look at the lines, it would be negative if there was a dark (-) negative line but the dark line for me was (|) up n'down.

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